About Waggle

We at Waggle firmly believe that Technology is of no use unless it blends in our day to day life seamlessly. Technology should enable us to experience life more and not inhibit us. Whether it is enjoying nature and the outdoors or spending quality time with our family (Oh yes!- that includes the furry members of the family – our beloved pets), Technology should make life better and safer for us and our pets.

Our Story

Waggle is a leader in IoT (Internet of things) technology. A few years ago, we learned that pets left in a car were dying due to heat strokes; we felt firm that we should use Technology to save pets and keep them comfortable all year long. Our team quickly took our technology expertise and created a product that pet lovers can use to get peace of mind about their pet's comfort and safety - at home or on the go. We talked to fellow pet lovers and serious RV /camping experts, and a few months later, we launched our first pet monitor, and the response was incredible.


We were so humbled by the response that we created a dedicated business unit for pet protection, and we now have a team working day in and out with just one mission- To give you peace of mind about your pet's comfort & safety when you travel. Happy Camping, and remember to keep your pet comfortable and safe.