RVing with a Pet Monitor

RV Temp/Humidity updates on your Phone
Periodic check-ins every 15 minutes
Instantly alerts in seconds when pet is in danger
Alerts you instantly if RV loses power
Get alerts when your RV/Car move out of the virtual zone
Friends/Family alerted when pet is in danger

RVing without a Pet Monitor

Constantly worried about Pet comfort & Safety
No idea how hot or cold your pet feels inside your RV
Do not know if your RV lost power when you leave your pet behind
Catches you unaware when a risk incident happens

Temperature Monitored in real-time every second

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Peace Of Mind In Easy Steps

Pet Monitor lite & GPS

Pet Monitor Specs

Features LITE GPS
GPS Tracking not-available available
Geofencing Alert not-available available
Digital Display not-available available
Real Time Temperature Alert available available
RV Power Loss Alert available available
Power Back Alert available available
Humidity & Heat Index available available
Rechargeable Battery available available

It comes with a Verizon 4G Cellular connection to alert you in real-time. If the temperature exceeds the limit set by you, you will receive an instant email and text alert. Furthermore, it comes with a battery standby that lasts up to 4 days.

Money Back Guarantee

Waggle Pet Monitor comes with a 21-day refund policy and 1-year warranty.


While both are great at protecting your pets from the risks of heatstroke or frostbite, the Pet Monitor is packed with premium features like an LCD Display and built-in GPS to track your Pet Monitor’s location.

Please email us at or call 855-983-5566 and get RMA (Return Material Authorization) before shipping the unit back. More Details click here

Yes. Get RV Power Loss Alerts (Text & Email) when the Pet Monitor switches to battery mode.Also, get RV Power Back Alerts (Text & Email) when your RV/Home power returns.

Note: For this to work, the device must be plugged into the charger and always powered ON.

Pet Monitor GPS/Lite comes with built-in Verizon 4G cellular, There is no need for a Wi-Fi or Verizon in your smartphone. Peace of mind without any restriction!

Please click here to purchase a Waggle plan that's right for you.
  • Temperature Alert: When the Pet Monitor temperature is out of range.
  • Humidity Alert: When the Pet Monitor humidity is out of range.
  • RV Power loss Alert: When the Pet Monitor is running on battery.
  • RV Power back Alert: When the Pet Monitor power returns after the RV power outage.
  • Low Battery Alert: When the Pet Monitor battery level is low.
  • Network Alert: When the Pet Monitor is out of Network coverage.
  • Yes. Waggle Pet Monitor comes with a 12 months replacement warranty.
  • To get an extended 1-Year Warranty on your device, click here.
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