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Pet Protection
Effortless Pet Protection

Pets are vulnerable to temperature changes. When they are left alone in a parked RV/car, it becomes a life-threatening situation for them. Waggle Pet Monitor alerts you in real-time whenever your Pet's ambiance becomes unsafe.

Trending RV Essential
Trending RV Essential

Besides temperature, you can also monitor those unexpected power outages, and the battery level and network status of your pet monitor.

RV Theft Prevention
RV Theft Prevention

Usually, RV theft happens when left alone in Campgrounds or parking lots. With its Virtual Fence alerts, Pet monitor alerts you when your vehicle moves out of the zone you set.

Dog Shows

Focus on winning prizes for your furry friend.

Dog Training

Train them to be a good boy even when you are not there.

K9 Duties

Let your Canine friend also fight Heatstrokes and Frostbites.

Pet Relocation

No more “Are my pets safe inside?” moments.

Why Waggle?

Real-time alerts

Have eagle eyes on your pet’s ambient changes by getting instant alerts when it is unsafe for your pets.

Choose your Need

Customize your Alert preference & duration based on your convenience.

Peace in your Pocket

Receive Instant alerts via Text & Email on your smartphone anytime, anywhere.

All Features! No hassles.

You (and Your Pets) are in Safe Hands


Temperature / Humidity Monitor

Rise or drop! No ambient changes are escaped from your monitor.

Waggle-Real-time Alerts

Real-time Alerts

Don't Be Alarmed! Get instant alerts that nudge you to make a swift move.

Waggle-Rechargeable Battery

Rechargeable Battery

4-6 days Long-lasting battery that keeps you focused without any stress.

Waggle-Built-in 4G Verizon Cellular

Built-in 4G Verizon Cellular

On the road or under the roof? Stay connected with the fastest.

Worried about leaving your pet alone in your RV?

Get real-time alerts while temperature/humidity raises or drops from the preset level.

Staying away from your RV?

Get to know your RV’s Power status whenever there is power loss or back.

Don’t know about your monitor’s battery level?

Get instant alert when battery level drops to its preset level.

Headed out for RV drive and unsure about your track?

Know where your RV enters or exists instantly.

Planning for a long journey and worried about network availability?

Get instant alerts on your Pet Monitor’s network coverage.

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Yes. If there is a power outage, Waggle Pet Monitor switches to battery mode. You’ll instantly receive “RV Power Loss Alert” via Text and Email.
Note: The device needs to be plugged into the charger and always powered ON to receive this alert.

No. You cannot add/link your existing cellular account with a Waggle Pet App subscription. Waggle Pet Monitor comes with a built-in Verizon 4G data, which cannot be changed.

No. Waggle Pet Monitors use Verizon 4G-CatM1, a special version of Verizon 4G meant for wireless sensors. Verizon's nationwide 4G-CatM1 coverage is similar to 4G, but the signal strength may differ from common 4G signals. Hence, regular cell boosters improve the coverage of 4G signals, not 4G-CatM1.

No, It works only within the United States.