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I'm a full-time RVer. I leave my six pets in my RV when I go to work. For my pet's safety, I tried installing an IP wireless camera. Along with a thermometer to check heat level, but nothing worked. One day when I was back in RV, I found severe heat hitting my face. My poor pets were panting and striving for life. I managed to save them from possibly rushing to a local Vet clinic. Power shortage and caused AC to go turn off. I surfed the internet for a solution and caught up with Waggle Pet Monitor. Its unique features like instant alerts on temperature rise/drop, RV Power Outage, and Battery low gave me hope.

A few months ago me and my friend Susan hanged out for a weeklong RV trip. We halted in a hotel for a night. Unfortunately, the hotel parking was full, and we left in a campground parking which was 3 km away from the place we stayed. I enabled Geofence Alert and set a virtual radius up to 7 km around. This way we stayed relaxed, knowing our RV would be safe. Geofence feature is a pro help for RVers like me. It will stop RV theft during events and camping. Hats-off to Waggle. I suggested Waggle, another RVer friend, get Waggle Pet Monitor for his next trip.

My friend suggested Waggle Pet Monitor when I said about my camping with Lucas. It was Summer, and I didn’t want to take risks. I wanted my Lucas to be happy and enjoy the days thoroughly. So, I ordered a Waggle Pet Monitor Lite immediately and got it within three days before my camping date. Their super fast delivery and free shipment across the US are awesome. Real-time alerts kept me updated about my pet’s wellness and temperature around. Heat was at its peak, yet I managed to keep Lucas doing good. My camping turned out to be a happy day with no heat worries. Got absolute peace of mind!

Emily Austin

Houston, Texas,United States

Liam B. Kruchten

Lakeland, Florida,United States

Laura Wheelern

Chicago, IllinoisUnited States