Waggle Pet Camera FAQ

STEP 1: Install WaggleCam app

STEP 2: Connect your smartphone to the Wifi router

STEP 3: Connect the WaggleCam device to the same Wifi router your smartphone is connected

STEP 4: Configure the device with the WaggleCam app and follow the instructions to finish the set up.


1. In your router, go to Gateway > Connection > WiFi.

2. To change the channel (5GHz to 2.4 GHz), select Edit next to the WiFi channel.

3. Click the radio button for the channel selection field & select the 2.4 GHz channel.

4. Select 'Save settings'


The power adapter supports 100v - 240v that makes it perfect for every power outlet.

WaggleCam App is available on both App Store and Google Play

WaggleCam has a 2MP camera that supports 1080p with a 120-degree wide-angle view.

Yes. WaggleCam camera comes with an ultra-wide-angle view with digital zoom.

The infrared vision range is up to 5 meters.

All dogs have a different liking for treats.
You are advised to use Spherical Crunchy treats with a 9 - 15mm diameter to prevent the dispenser from clogging.

A huge 380ml container that can hold all your pet’s favorite treat

Yes. You can send back your WaggleCam for a full refund (minus the shipping and restocking fees) within 21 days from the date of shipment received.

Yes. You can save the footage in your phone’s memory.

The infrared vision range is up to 5 meters.

1. Make sure the treat container has treats. If not, fill some.
2. Choose a treat of the appropriate size for a smooth treat flow.
3. If the problem continues, please contact WaggleCam customer support at support@wagglecam.com

WaggleCam comes with a 2-meter (6 feet) cable that allows you to place the device anywhere you want.

WaggleCam cannot be used without WiFi, You need a WiFi or Hotspot to connect and use WaggleCam.

No. You need to download WaggleCam app which is available in Play Store and App Store to use WaggleCam

No. You must need a WiFi or Hotspot connection to use WaggleCam. Unlike Waggle Pet Monitor, the WaggleCam doesn't work without a WiFi.

Yes, The WaggleCam can be used and moved anywhere as long as you have a good WiFi/Hotspot connection.

WaggleCam will not work with Waggle Pet Monitor, Unlike the pet monitor which works via Verizon 4G, you need a WiFi connection to use WaggleCam and a separate mobile application (WaggleCam) which is available in Play Store and App Store.

No. WaggleCam can connect only with WaggleCam App.

No. WaggleCam works only with a WiFi bandwidth of 2.4 GHz.

No. WaggleCam works only under a Power Adapter.

Install the WaggleCam App from the play store or app store.

Open the WaggleCam app and select “Register a new account” at the bottom of the screen.

  • Enter your email address
  • Enter your password
  • Click ( get verification code)
  • Check your email for verification code
  • Enter the verification code sent to your email
  • Click register now
  • Connect WaggleCam with the power adapter.
  • Wait for the Green indicator light and WaggleCam to say, 'Welcome to connect smart treat dispenser.’
  • Press & hold the tiny black button (for 5 seconds) behind the WaggleCam & wait for the voice prompt ‘Factory Reset.’
  • In WaggleCam App, Click Add device---> Add New Device ----> Click “ The above Phenomena were observed.”
  • Check for the same Wi-Fi name on your WaggleCam app, where your phone Wi-Fi is connected to, and enter the Wi-Fi password. Please wait for some time to click ‘confirm.’
  • To reset the device, press & hold the tiny black button (for 5 seconds) behind the WaggleCam & wait for the voice prompt ‘Factory Reset.’
  • After factory reset, hear ‘Start quick configuration’ and green indicator flashing. On the second time when the device says “Please start configuration,” click ‘confirm’ on the WaggleCam app.
  • Wait for the device to say, “Connected to router Successfully.”
  • Now You can see a Profile Name with Pet_xxxx. Below that, please set your own password to get started with WaggleCam.

In an RV Campground, WaggleCam can connect only to Mobile Hotspot.

Note: Don't rely on the Campground router.

  • Download & install the WaggleCam app on the secondary device
  • Register with another email ID.
    Note: WaggleCam can't connect with the existing email ID used in the primary device.
  • To set up, choose 'Add an online device.'
  • Scan the QR code or type the ID manually, present at the backside of the WaggleCam.
    Note: If the secondary device is away from the WaggleCam, take a clear picture of the QR scan and ID and share it with the secondary device.
  • Find the WaggleCam device name, select & enter the same passcode used in the primary device.
    Note: WaggleCam works both with Android & iOS and connects up to four different devices.

If an error occurs after zero,

  • Try to place the WiFi at least 3 to 4 feet closer to WaggleCam.
    Note: This trial is advisable for the initial setup process.
  • Make sure the WiFi bandwidth is 2.4 GHz. WaggleCam cannot connect with 5GHz.

No. You cannot connect to WaggleCam simultaneously. Up to 4 secondary devices can connect one after the other.

Yes. You can return or exchange the WaggleCam within 21 days of delivery.

WaggleCam comes with a 1-year limited warranty starting from the date of ordering.

WaggleCam covers all defects except:

  • Accidents
  • Liquid contact
  • Misuse & abuse
  • Illegal modification
  • Fail to follow the manual instruction
  • Repairs done by an unauthorized person

5Mbps to 10Mbps WiFi upload speed is recommended to view the best video streaming quality.

WaggleCam has Zero Subscription.

To reset Password,

  • Login to the WaggleCam App.Click Forget Password
  • Enter your Mail ID
  • Enter the New Password
  • Click ‘Get Verification code’
  • Go to your e-mail and enter the code received
  • Now Confirm your password.
  • Reset the WaggleCam Device and try again,
  • Follow the treat size (9mm to 15mm- Spherical) given in the user manual. Failing this may lead to this issue.
  • If the issue prolongs, contact our customer support team for help.

WaggleCam is exclusively designed for pet dogs. Use pet treats that are

  • Spherical in shape
  • Size 9mm to 15mm.
  • Only Dry foods
  • Reset the device.
  • Place the device at least 3 to 4 feet closer to the router for the initial installation process.
  • If there is still a connectivity issue, contact our customer support.

No. WaggleCam works only with a WiFi connection of bandwidth 2.4GHz.

Yes, you can claim a refund on the following cases

  • Within 21 days of purchase
  • Product with no damage

The recorded live streaming video and snaps are stored in the phone gallery.

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