WiFi Pet Monitor
WiFi Pet Monitor
WiFi Pet Monitor
WiFi Pet Monitor
WiFi Pet Monitor
WiFi Pet Monitor

Waggle WiFi Pet Camera


SD Card: 128 GB

128 GB
64 GB
32 GB
16 GB
8 GB

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How to set up the cam ?
STEP 1: Download the Yi IoT app.
STEP 2: Connect the camera to the adaptor.
STEP 3: Switch on the cam, you will notice a red light initially for 6 secs.
STEP 4: Then intro sound.
STEP 5: Left, right, down, top, straight.
STEP 6: Insert Memory Card / SD Card(Memory Card inserted sound).
How to connect the camera to the App ?
STEP 1: Select Country and continue to click sign up in login page.
STEP 2: Enter details (Note: after clicking next, if you get Invalid captcha, try again).
STEP 3: An activation link will be sent to your email. (Note: resend email if not sent) Go to your emai and click link that says “Action Required to Activate Your YI IoT Account” and then click link inside. You will be redirected to success page after which go back to app and click back from link screen.
STEP 4: Log in by entering the credentials and swipe through the intro pages and allow app to access photos and media.
STEP 5: Click screen to remove try now and tap Press + on top right to add cam.
STEP 6: After allowing app to access device location, click WiFi Connection.
STEP 7: Wait 20 seconds until you hear a 2 tone sequence (Note: If no beep is heard within 30 secs, press reset 5 secs and red light intro sound and turning will come and now wait for another 20 secs).
STEP 8: Connect to your WiFi by giving Wifi Username and Pwd (2.4 Ghz and 5 Ghz) and Scan qr code by placing screen close and click waiting to connect after hearing “connecting to wifi”.
STEP 9: After it says wifi is connected, wait for a min and after Pairing is successful, you will hear a “you can start using your cam now” voice and you will be taken to another page. there put device name.
STEP 10: To continue without paying, Click Premium cloud services and then click give up and then Click you may now start using your cam.
Where is the home/alert/cam full screen ?
Home Screen: This is the screen that should show even when you exit and come back to the app. Click play to view cam.
Alert Screen: All the motion detected alerts will be recorded here.(Note: Motion Detected Videos will be recorded for just 6 secs. For recording ful videol, you have to either purchase a cloud or adjust sd card settings to” all time recording”).
Cam Full Screen features: View the below images to learn more about all the features.