Amazon Pet Day Waggle's Hot Deals for Pet Safety

Amazon Pet Day Waggle's Hot Deals for Pet Safety

Get exclusive discounts on the Pet Temperature Monitor, WaggleCam 2.0, and Waggle Smart Wi-Fi Pet Camera during the Amazon Pet Day sale to keep your furry friend safe.

As temperatures rise this summer, protecting our furry friends from the dangers of heatstroke becomes a top priority. Waggle understands this concern and offers fantastic solutions to safeguard your pets, including the Pet Temperature Monitor, WaggleCam 2.0, and Waggle Smart Wi-Fi Pet Camera. If you've been searching for smart, reliable ways to keep your pets safe, this is the opportunity you've been waiting for.


Heat Stroke in Dogs

Summer's soaring temperatures pose a serious risk to pets, especially in enclosed spaces like cars and RVs. According to estimates, hundreds of dogs die each year in the U.S. from heatstroke, many of them left in hot cars or overheated RVs. Heatstroke can strike quickly and lead to severe consequences. Panting, drooling, and lethargy are just some early warning signs. Act fast to prevent heat stress and keep your pets cool and comfortable.


Waggle Pet Temperature Monitor:
Trusted by over 50,000 pet owners, it tracks temperature in real time and keeps you updated with power loss alerts. Pet parents use it while RVing, at home, and in cars, helping them monitor and protect their pets effectively.


  • Real-Time Monitoring: Receive RV temperature and humidity updates on your phone.

  • Recurrent 10-Minute Check-Ins: Get continuous monitoring with recurrent check-ins every 10 minutes.

  • Power Loss/Backup Alerts: Receive instant alerts if your RV loses power.

  • Geo-Fence Alerts: Receive notifications when your RV exits a defined virtual zone.

  • Instant Alerts for Support: Keep friends and family informed with instant alerts when your pet is at risk.


Separation Anxiety in Pets

While heatstroke is a serious concern, separation anxiety in dogs is another significant issue that Waggle can help address. Dogs experiencing separation anxiety can show signs like excessive barking, destructive behavior, and even depression when left alone. This distress not only affects their mental well-being but can also lead to physical health issues. It's essential to monitor your pets and provide them with comfort even when you're not home.

WaggleCam 2.0:
An advanced pet camera designed for pet parents, enabling them to schedule treat tosses to reward their furry friends while they're away. It allows pet owners to monitor their pets for safety and stay connected with them remotely.


  • Full HD 1080p Live Streaming: Watch them go about their day with crystal-clear clarity.

  • Fun-filled Treat Tosser: Spoil your pet from anywhere with a built-in treat tosser.

  • Two-way Audio: Talk to your pet and listen as they woof or purr back.

  • Treat Scheduling: Stimulate physical, mental, and sensory activity by scheduling treats.

  • Storage Option: Record live streams, capture pics, and store them within the app.

  • Account Sharing: Share access to the camera with your support system.

  • FHD Night Vision: Keep an eye on them, day or night.

  • 360 Panorama & 160 Wide View: No matter where they roam, you can keep watch.


Waggle Smart Wi-Fi Pet Camera: A Modern Solution for Pet Monitoring

For pet parents who want to stay connected to their furry companions at all times, the Waggle Smart Wi-Fi Pet Camera is a must-have. Its small size makes it versatile for various settings, such as monitoring pets at home, in RVs, campers, and motorhomes. This innovative camera is packed with features to help you monitor, interact, and entertain your pets even when you're away.


Waggle Smart Wi-Fi Pet Camera:

  • 360-Degree View: The camera's wide-angle lens and pan/tilt function offer a full view of the room, so you can keep an eye on your pet no matter where they are.

  • HD Video and Two-Way Audio: Stream live, high-definition video, and talk to your pet through the camera's two-way audio feature, providing them comfort and reducing anxiety.

  • Motion Alerts: Stay updated on your pet's activity with instant alerts if motion is detected.


Unmissable Amazon Pet Day Deals

This Amazon Pet Day, Waggle is offering unbeatable deals on the Pet Temperature Monitor, WaggleCam 2.0, and Waggle Smart Wi-Fi Pet Camera:


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Don't let the summer heat or long hours away put your pet's health at risk. Waggle's Pet Temperature Monitor, WaggleCam 2.0, and Waggle Smart Wi-Fi Pet Camera are your trusted companions to ensure a cool, safe environment and peace of mind. With these amazing Amazon Pet Day deals, now is the time to secure these must-have devices at a fraction of the cost. Act fast and give your pet the gift of safety this summer!