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Let your pet travel as safely as you do!

The smart device that monitors your pet’s ambient temperature and sends you alerts in real time

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Peace of mind. In your pocket.

Waggle constantly monitors the temperature & humidity in your vehicle and alerts you via text/email in realtime,
so that you never have to worry about your pets wellbeing.

Temperature + Humidity

Realtime Alerts

Smart Device + Mobile App

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potential risk incidents averted till date

Why Waggle?

Full focus on your pets safety

Waggle uses the Verizon network, so no WiFi is needed

Extended battery life

No power source needed, so Waggle can continue to provide updates even when the power goes out.

Simple, effective notifications

Nothing you don't need, just notifications to your device about your pets safety


The Waggle Pet Monitor works via built-in Verizon cellular network. It monitors temperature, humidity, power status, and more in real-time. Instant text and email alerts, as well as app notifications, lets you know about any potentially unsafe conditions for your pet in a RV, car or home. No WiFi needed.

1. Install the Monitor

Waggle Pet Monitor comes with an easy-to-install “Peel & Stick” mounting bracket.

2. Install Waggle Pet App

Register your monitor in the app & choose a subscription that suits your travel. Waggle can be as flexible as you need.

3. Real-time Monitoring & Instant Alerts

Rest assured that your pet's ambiance is monitored without missing a second and sends instant alerts to prevent potential risks

Make sure your pets are safe and sound on every trip. Every minute.

Don't be the only RV pet parent without Waggle in 21st century

Waggle Pet Monitor Lite

1. Temperature Tracking

2. Humidity Tracking

3. Real-Time Alerts

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Most popular

Waggle Pet Monitoring Combo

1. Temperature Tracking

2. Visual Monitoring - Camera

3. Real-Time Alerts

4. Motion alerts - Camera

5. LCD Display

Starts @ $239
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Waggle Pet Monitor PRO

1. Temperature Tracking

2. Humidity Tracking

3. Real-Time Alerts

4. GPS Geo-Fencing

5. LCD Display

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Peace of mind when traveling with pets

Great peace of mind when traveling with pet in Caravan. Easy and quick to set up. Small. Battery lasted three days on first use. Notifications are very reassuring

Awesome product

Thank you for giving me peace of mind when I have to leave my dogs in the Campervan. I love how I set up the notifications when in use and turn them off when we are home.

Great product. Awesome customer service.

Love our pet monitor. We use it every time we got in the Campervan. I would not feel comfortable letting the dogs stay in there without it. The customer service has been awesome. I highly recommend this for pet owners who travel in a Caravan/Car/Camping Vehicle.