5 Cool Ways to Customize Your RV

5 Cool Ways to Customize Your RV

Sure, your RV is jam-packed with all the amenities you need to hit the open road. But does it feel like a home away from home? If your motorhome’s or trailer’s interior feels dull, it’s time to give it a nice personal touch. This post will discuss some clever ways to customize your RV.

And remodeling your camper doesn’t have to be an expensive endeavor. All our RV makeover ideas are budget-friendly and easy to implement.

Before you get started with your camper makeover, don’t forget to keep your pet safe. Invest in the Waggle pet monitoring device, and you’ll always receive real-time updates on temperature, humidity, and heat inside the RV when you’re away. If the conditions get to unsafe levels, the tool will alert you immediately so that you can take quick action.

Transform Your RV with New Flooring

An easy way to revamp the style of your RV is to change the flooring. That, however, doesn’t mean ripping out old floors and laying down something expensive. There are new and less costly ways to upgrade RV floors.

One of the most impactful options is peel-and-stick vinyl tiles rated for RVs. They come in various chic, upscale options and are easy to install. Go for an interesting visual texture such as cork laminate, luxury marble, or grain-embossed wood laminate.

Add a Wow-Factor with Removable Wallpaper and Wall Art

You don’t have plain walls in your home, so why settle for lifeless walls in your RV? Breathe some life into the interior space with removable wallpaper. These decor stickers come in a myriad of colors and patterns, plus you can design and print your own.

Rip out your old wall coverings and replace them with a wallpaper design that blends with the new look you want to achieve. Even better, wallpapers are easy to clean and remove, so you can always swap them if you want a new style.

Put Up Some Custom Wall Hangings

Another brilliant way to customize your RV is to add some wall art. Adorn the interior walls of your camper with family photos to bring a bit of home with you on your travels. Don’t stop there; hang artwork, lightweight wall sculptures, postcards, and handmade crafts.

Of course, you don’t want your artworks and picture frames swinging wildly or falling when you’re in motion. Use mounting putty on the back of frames. Command strips, hooks, or industrial-strength velcro are also great when you need to hang items.

Splurge on a Mattress and Bedding

Nothing makes a traveler homesick more than a lumpy and uncomfortable bed. And let’s face it, most RVs don’t come with the coziest beds. Bring a homely vibe to your bedroom by investing in a quality mattress.

A comfy mattress will make sure you get enough rest after a long day on the road and help you wake up rejuvenated. Get a new topper if you aren’t ready to replace the mattress. On top of that, shop for quality sheets and a fluffy comforter to further personalize your sleeping area.

Add Throw Pillows, Blankets, and Rugs

Turn your RV into a personal happy place with throw pillows and blankets. If the overall color palette is dark, go for vibrant pillow cover shades to brighten up the space. Toss the pillows on your classy couch, dinette, and bed.

An ultra-soft throw blanket and a shaggy rug will also add a nice touch. You can use the rug to cover the ottoman, conceal stains on the floor, offer extra padding when walking, or provide warmth for your feet on cold days.

Remodel Your Wheeled Home Like a Pro

Customizing your recreational vehicle will make it more inviting and comfortable while making your journeys more enjoyable. Borrow our insightful tips above to design your own motorhome without breaking the bank.