Pet Safety 101: Guarding Against Household Hazards with WaggleCam

Guarding Against Household Hazards with WaggleCam

As pet parents, our primary concern is the safety and well-being of our furry family members. Stepping out of the house often leaves us worried about our pets getting into mischief or feeling anxious. WaggleCam is here to ease those concerns. Designed to keep an eye on your pets, WaggleCam ensures they remain safe from household hazards and helps manage separation anxiety.

Full HD 1080p Live Streaming: Constant Visual Monitoring

WaggleCam’s high-definition live streaming lets you keep a close watch on your pets throughout the day. Whether preventing your cat from climbing kitchen counters or stopping your dog from rummaging through the trash, the clear video feed enables precise monitoring of their actions.

Interactive Treat Tosser & Scheduled Treats: Engage and Redirect

WaggleCam’s treat tossing feature, combined with the ability to schedule treat times, goes beyond mere fun. It acts as a vital safety tool, allowing you to distract your pet from potential dangers like nibbling on household items. Regularly scheduled treats can keep your pet busy and out of trouble, particularly during times they might feel lonely, reducing their separation anxiety.

Two-Way Audio: Command and Comfort from Afar

The two-way audio capability is essential for immediate intervention. It allows you to hear ambient sounds and speak to your pet, stopping unsafe behaviors with a stern command or soothing an anxious pet with your voice. This feature is invaluable for reassuring and calming your pet, helping to alleviate their anxiety when you're away.

Customizable Treat Tosser Sound: Enhance Training

Utilizing customizable sounds for the treat tosser can significantly improve safety training. Associating specific sounds with rewards or commands can train your pet to move to safer areas of your home when needed, especially when unsupervised.

FHD Night Vision: Overnight Safety

With WaggleCam’s full HD night vision, you can ensure your pets are safe even during the night. This feature allows you to monitor them without interruption, making sure they aren’t engaging in any risky activities in low-light conditions.

360 Panorama & 160 Wide View: Comprehensive Coverage

WaggleCam’s expansive viewing capabilities ensure you can keep an eye on your pet no matter where they are in your home. This wide and panoramic view is crucial for pets that explore every corner, helping prevent them from getting into dangerous situations.

Storage and Account Sharing: Secure and Share Critical Moments

Whether checking for changes in behavior that might indicate risk or sharing cute clips with family, the storage feature is a critical part of pet management. Account sharing also enhances pet safety by allowing your support network access to the camera, ensuring someone is always watching over them.


WaggleCam is more than just a pet camera; it's an integral part of your pet safety toolkit. With advanced features designed for monitoring, interaction, and training, it not only watches over your pets but actively contributes to their safety and emotional well-being. For any pet parent concerned about safety, WaggleCam is an indispensable resource.