5 Summer Budget-Friendly Road Trips with Pets

5 Summer Budget-Friendly Road Trips with Pets

Summer is synonymous with vacations, and there's no better way to bond with your family—and yes, that includes your pets—than by embarking on a road trip. The adventure becomes even more memorable when the journey is as delightful as the destination, and your furry friend accompanies the ride. 

Here are five budget-friendly road trips perfect for you and your pet this summer:

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The Great Lakes Tour

Destination: Michigan, Wisconsin, and Minnesota


  • Pet-Friendly Beaches: There are numerous beaches around the Great Lakes where pets are welcomed, like Montrose Dog Beach in Chicago.
  • Scenic Drives: Drive along the coasts of Lake Michigan and Lake Superior for breathtaking views.
  • Budget Tip: Camp out! Many campgrounds around the Great Lakes are pet-friendly and far cheaper than hotels.

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Blue Ridge Parkway

Destination: Virginia and North Carolina


  • Stunning Overlooks: The Blue Ridge Parkway, known as "America's Favorite Drive," offers numerous overlooks with panoramic views.
  • Hiking Opportunities: Trails like Craggy Gardens are excellent for leashed pets.
  • Budget Tip: Opt for picnics! There are multiple picnic spots along the parkway, which saves on dining costs.

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Oregon Coast Highway

Destination: Oregon Coast


  • Dramatic Seascapes: From Astoria to Brookings, the Pacific coastline is breathtaking.
  • Dog-Friendly Beaches: Cannon Beach and Manzanita are just a couple of beaches that welcome four-legged visitors.
  • Budget Tip: Visit the numerous state parks along the route. They often have minimal fees and offer great value in beauty and recreation.

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Hill Country Explorer

Destination: Texas


  • Rolling Hills and Wildflowers: The Texan countryside in summer is vibrant and colorful.
  • Wineries: Some wineries in the Texas Hill Country welcome pets in their outdoor areas.
  • Budget Tip: For more affordable lodging, consider staying in smaller towns like Fredericksburg or Kerrville.

Desert Southwest Loop

Destination: Arizona and New Mexico


  • Iconic Landscapes: Think Monument Valley, White Sands, and Petrified Forest National Park.
  • Cultural Stops: Explore the rich indigenous cultures in towns like Taos or Santa Fe.
  • Budget Tip: Fuel up in larger towns or cities. Gas tends to be pricier in remote areas.

Prep Tips for a Smooth Journey with Pets:

#1 Pack Essentials: This includes water, food, a leash, toys, and any medications your pet might need.

#2 Board with a Pet Monitor: Keep your pets protected throughout the journey using Waggle. Monitor their ambient temperature and humidity changes and save form unforeseen heat illness like Heat Stroke.

#3 Plan Breaks: Regular stops allow your pet to stretch, play, and hydrate.

#4 Check Lodgings: Ensure the places you're staying at are pet-friendly. Some might require a small fee for pets.

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Wrapping Up!

Road trips embody the spirit of adventure. And there's no reason why your pets can't join in the fun. Choosing pet-friendly destinations and planning wisely ensures that your summer travels remain light on the pocket but heavy on memories! 

Safe travels and wagging tails to you!