How to Celebrate Pet-Friendly Summer Holidays

How to Celebrate Pet-Friendly Summer Holidays


Do you want to take your pet along with you for the upcoming summer holidays? When it comes to pet-friendly summer holidays, you have quite a few options to consider. To make your life easy, we thought of shortlisting some of the best ideas out of them. Feel free to go through these ideas and pick the right one to have an unforgettable vacation with your pet.

Plan a Pet-Friendly Beach Day

Consider a trip to a local beach that allows pets. Pack supplies like water, bowls, shade, towels, and toys to keep your pets happy on the shore. Designate someone to be in charge of supervising pets at all times and take them for walks along the coastline instead of leaving them to lounge on hot sand. End the beach day by rinsing pets off to remove salt, sand, and sunscreen.

Host a Backyard BBQ or Picnic

Host friends and pets in your backyard for a summer cookout. Set up a kiddie pool, tunnels, and toys to entertain guest pets. Fire up the grill for pets to enjoy unseasoned meat and veggie treats. Take caution not to overfeed pets fatty meats or table scraps that could upset their stomachs or cause pancreatitis. Capture silly moments at a pet-themed photobooth before serving pets frozen fruit pops made from pet-safe ingredients.

Take a Road Trip to a Pet-Friendly Destination

Pack up your four-legged sidekicks for a road trip to one of the pet-friendly destinations. National parks like Yellowstone, Acadia, and Grand Canyon welcome pets on certain trails. Research pet policies at nearby hotels along your route in advance. You need to tag all pets and secure them in carriers or harnesses during the drive. Make sure to take frequent stops to stretch legs and hydrate. Once at your destination let pets baby wildlife from a distance. You should always keep them leashed in uncertain areas.

Host a Summer Pet Party

Throw a pool party for your pets complete with dog-safe cake, games, and prizes. Set boundaries and rules in advance so pets can play safely. Place ramps or steps making it easy for elderly, small or disabled pets to enter and exit the pool. Discourage pets from drinking pool water which contains hazardous chemicals like chlorine. Monitor all pets at all times and end the party if behavioral issues arise within the group.

Go Camping

Camping is a popular option among pet travel ideas to try this summer. However, you should keep some tips in mind before you go camping. Set up shade over their crates during the day and cover with blankets at night for warmth. Tag all pets and keep them leashed when outside tents or RVs. Research harmful plants in the area and avoid letting pets ingest vegetation, mushrooms or unknown substances spotted on the ground. Check paws frequently for injuries from rough terrain. Administer flea, tick, and heartworm preventatives before and during the camping trip.

Enjoy Water Sports

For water-loving pets try activities like boating, paddle boarding and swimming. Introduce these slowly while continuously praising and rewarding pets. Purchase pet life vests providing extra buoyancy and visibility on the water. Rinse fur afterwards with freshwater to prevent skin irritation and infections. Never leave pets unsupervised near pools, lakes, or oceans regardless of their swimming capabilities.

Have Staycation Fun

To save money on pet-friendly summer holidays, create a backyard oasis pets are sure to enjoy. Spruce up the yard by hiding toys around for scavenger hunts and filling kiddie pools for them to splash around in. Construct an obstacle course from household items to burn through their summer energy.

Monitor the ground and pavement temperatures to ensure they do not burn paws. Check for signs of overheating and provide shaded areas, cool treats, and fresh water. At night, project movies against the house for the whole family to view from lawn chairs and blankets.

Importance of Monitoring Your Pet's Environment

Since you are traveling in the summer months, using a cellular pet temperature monitor is important to maintain your pets at comfortable conditions. This device can provide real-time updates and alerts directly to your smartphone, ensuring that your pet's environment remains safe and comfortable, no matter where your travels take you.

Final Words

You are now aware of the best pet-friendly summer holidays to consider. Pay attention to health needs as the season shifts by providing adequate hydration, nutrition, and rest. Don’t forget the pet sunscreen, hats and life jackets making summer activities more comfortable. If you focus on preventing risks, summer is bound to be the best one yet spent cherishing special moments with your beloved fur babies.