Best Historical Routes for RV Travel with Your Furry Companions

Best Historical Routes for RV Travel


Discover America's rich historical tapestry from the comfort of your RV, accompanied by your beloved pets. This guide highlights some of the best historical routes that are perfect for history enthusiasts and their four-legged friends, complete with attractions and pet-friendly amenities to make your journey as enjoyable as it is enlightening.

1. The Colonial Parkway – Virginia Linking Jamestown, Colonial Williamsburg, and Yorktown, the Colonial Parkway is more than just a route—it's a full-fledged historical adventure. Besides the historical sites, the area offers beautiful landscapes and attractions like the Jamestown Settlement where you can explore replicas of the original ships and fort. Pets can enjoy the extensive outdoor areas while on a leash, making it a perfect spot for a walk through history.

2. Route 66 – Chicago to California Embark on a journey along the iconic Route 66 and discover a slice of Americana, including attractions like the Cadillac Ranch in Texas and the historic Santa Monica Pier in California. The route is filled with pet-friendly stops, including numerous parks where your pets can play. Many cafes and outdoor attractions along the way welcome pets, so you can enjoy the quirky landmarks and vibrant history together.

3. Natchez Trace Parkway – Mississippi to Tennessee This scenic route is lined with attractions, from the ancient Emerald Mound to the historic homes of Tupelo. Walking trails like the Sunken Trace are perfect for pets, offering a glimpse into the natural and historical landscape. The Parkway also hosts living history exhibits at places like the Mount Locust Inn, where pets on leashes are welcome on the grounds.

4. The Oregon Trail – Missouri to Oregon Follow the historic Oregon Trail and visit key attractions such as the Fort Kearny State Historical Park in Nebraska, where you can explore the fort and surrounding hiking areas. Pets are welcome in most outdoor areas, making it a great route for those traveling with dogs. Key landmarks like the End of the Oregon Trail Interpretive Center in Oregon offer pet-friendly grounds where you can reflect on the journey of thousands of settlers.

5. Lewis and Clark National Historic Trail – Illinois to Oregon Retrace the epic journey of Lewis and Clark and visit fascinating sites such as the Fort Mandan Overlook in North Dakota, where the explorers spent a winter. Attractions along the trail like the Lewis and Clark Interpretive Center offer pet-friendly areas, and many trails and parks along the route allow pets, so you can enjoy the historical sites and beautiful landscapes together.

Seasonal Considerations and Pet Safety No matter the season, monitoring your pet’s temperature is crucial, especially during travels that involve long hours outdoors or in varying climates. Utilizing a pet temperature monitor ensures that your furry companions remain safe and comfortable throughout your journey. These devices are vital for preventing overheating and ensuring that your pets are healthy, giving you peace of mind as you explore historical sights together.

Conclusion: Traveling these historical routes in your RV with your pets not only allows you to explore America’s rich history but also enjoy numerous attractions that are both informative and pet-friendly. Remember to check the specific pet policies at each attraction to ensure a seamless experience.