Where to Find a Reliable RV Driver: Your Ultimate Guide

Where to Find a Reliable RV Driver

Hitting the open road in an RV is a dream for many. But what if you’re the proud owner of an RV, yet lack the confidence, skill, or ability to drive it? Or perhaps you're planning a long haul and need a break from behind the wheel? Enter the reliable RV driver, a professional who can safely navigate your home-on-wheels to your desired destination. But where do you find such a reliable individual? Let's navigate this together!

The Importance of a Reliable RV Driver

Hiring someone to drive your RV is not just about handing over the keys and hoping for the best. It's about entrusting someone with your valuable asset, ensuring safety, and optimizing your road trip experience. A reliable driver:

  • Has experience with the size and handling of RVs
  • Understands the mechanics of detecting and address minor issues
  • Prioritizes safety on the road
  • Respects your property and privacy

Where to Look for a Reliable RV Driver

  1. RV Driving Schools: Just like there are schools to teach truck driving, there are institutions specializing in RV driving. These schools often have connections with trained drivers or can provide recommendations.
  2. RV Forums and Online Communities: The forums on iRV2 are bustling with experienced RV enthusiasts. Post your requirements or search for drivers offering their services.
  3. RV Dealerships: Dealerships, especially those dealing with luxury or large-sized RVs, often have networks of drivers familiar with driving and maintaining such vehicles.
  4. Personal Recommendations: Reach out to fellow RV owners. Personal recommendations can often yield the most trusted results.
  5. Professional Driving Services: Some companies, like Hire A Driver, specialize in providing drivers for various vehicles, including RVs.
  6. Local Classifieds and Job Boards: Websites like Craigslist or local community boards sometimes have listings of drivers offering their services. Just ensure you do a thorough background check.

Vetting Your Potential RV Driver

Once you have a few potential drivers in mind, it's crucial to vet them thoroughly.

  • Check their Driving Record: Ask for a copy and ensure they have a clean slate.
  • Ask for References: Previous employers or clients can provide insight into their reliability and professionalism.
  • Conduct an Interview: Get a sense of their personality, experience, and how comfortable you feel with them.
  • Take a Test Drive: Before committing to a long trip, take a short test drive with the potential driver. This allows you to gauge their driving skills and comfort level with your specific RV.

Ensuring a Smooth Journey

Once you've hired a driver:

  • Discuss Routes: Make sure you agree on the route, especially if there are specific places you want to visit or avoid.
  • Set Ground Rules: If you’ll be traveling with the driver, set boundaries concerning privacy, shared spaces, and responsibilities.
  • Discuss Compensation: Are you providing a daily wage, per mile rate, or a lump sum? Will you cover their return journey, meals, or other expenses?

Insurance Considerations

Before you hand over the keys:

  1. Check your RV's insurance policy.
  2. Ensure it covers other drivers, especially if they're not a family member.
  3. If not, consider adding them to your policy for the trip or ask them to provide proof of supplementary insurance.

That's a wrap!

Finding a reliable RV driver can elevate your road-tripping experience, allowing you to relax and enjoy the journey or simply make the logistics of moving your RV easier. With thorough research, vetting, and clear communication, you can find a driver who suits your needs and ensures a safe and enjoyable adventure on the open road. Safe travels!