New Year Resolutions for Pet Parents - Big Goals to Focus

New Year Resolution for Pet Owners

The New Year is here in all its warmth and glory, bringing joy, laughter, and celebrations all around. Everywhere festoons and decorative lights are a reminder that the past is paving the way for a brighter future. As the new year unfolds, we take a moment to thank all the wonderful pet parents for coming together and being a part of Waggle family. 

We cherish our bond and hope it continues to grow as we celebrate our association and friendship today and always.

As pet parents or lovers, we are a team that understands each other in good times and rough ones. The New Year beckons us to spread our empathy for animals to a wider circle. As we all embark on a new journey of 2023, here are some big goals to focus on. These will help to make our lives and that of our furry friends better and happier.

Spending more time with them

 We know that many of us feel guilty about not spending enough time with our four-legged friends than we would like to. The mad rush of every day makes it challenging to manage it all. But trust me, taking out some quality time for them isn’t as challenging as it looks. If we make a schedule of our daily activities, it will be easier to chalk out plans beforehand. Taking time out to walk them or play with them will help develop the bond and become stronger. Not just for pets, it is equally suitable for our health and mental well-being.

Don’t they help us forget all our worries and concerns for as long as we are with them, laughing and playing silly? We can also work out for a pet get-together in a park or backyard maybe once a month or so to make them bond with fellow dogs or cats and help pet parents exchange notes on their common concerns. This new year let us resolve to spend more time with our fur pals and be happy mutually.

Spreading awareness about animal safety, pets or stray

 It is not uncommon to witness some pet parents treating their pets shabbily and not caring even for their food or hygiene. Likewise, stray animals are vulnerable to cruelty by people who think hurting them is fun. Being responsible pet parents, it is not only important for us to care for our pets but to stop animal cruelty everywhere. We can spread awareness among people and raise our voices against animal cruelty. Seeking help from concerned organizations can also come in handy in our approach. Making the world a better place for all should be important, especially for these animals who cannot voice their problems themselves. Empathy and kind-heartedness towards animals will go a long way in making us all better residents of the world.

Investing in quality products for them: food, toys, or grooming

 This new year, let us resolve to get our pets the best protection and love. After all, that is what they deserve. Investing in only quality products does not just show our love for them and ensures that there are no health hassles by using poor quality stuff. Getting them substandard toys might cause them to face health hazards as they lick and chew them. 

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Poor quality animal food has lesser nutritional value and may cause development issues in your pets. Using proper grooming supplies keeps them clean, hygienic, and flea free. We should shop from a trusted brand that loves pets like ours.

Training and exercise are important

 Like humans, pets need their share of exercise for the healthy development of the mind and body. Take them out running or hiking with you whenever you find the time. Alternatively, enroll them in professional training centers to learn some activities and tricks. Training equipment is also available in pet supplies stores; you can teach them yourself if you have some spare space. This way, you will get your necessary dose of daily exercise too.

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Love makes all the difference

 In the end, we all know the power and impact of love in any relationship. Love makes all the difference, and your fur friends quickly catch the cue. Loving them comes easy and naturally to anyone. It is difficult not to be smitten when you see the warmth in their eyes and the love they have for you. Respect that and reciprocate always. Love makes your bond stronger and much more effective than anything else. Try not to let your troubles affect the time together with your pet. Loving them and getting the love back in doubles makes life much more worthwhile and happy for both of you.

Our pets teach us so much every day. As our close companions and confidante, we owe it to them to make us better versions of ourselves. Haven’t we changed since becoming pet parents, both emotionally and mentally? They make us so happy and relaxed around them that we cannot imagine a day without their togetherness. Let us pledge to make the most of this wonderful bond and make memories to last a lifetime.

Happy 2023 to you and your wonderful four-legged friends. May you all shine bright and happy each day of this New Year! From Waggle and Waggfluence, it is cheers and kudos for being what you are!