Beat the Heat, Save Your Pet!

Heat Stroke: A Serious Threat to Pets

Don't let summer fun turn into a furry nightmare. Heatstroke can happen anywhere, anytime, and the signs can be subtle at first. By the time your pet reaches a critical temperature (over 106°F), their organs are at risk.

Thermal Insight

A recent study indicates a 63% rise in heat stroke cases among pets, particularly among dogs left in hot cars. Be a smart pet owner: keep your furry friend safe by never leaving them in a hot car without Waggle.

Effortless Features Unveiled

Waggle Pet monitor keeps an eagle eye on the ambient conditions and
notifies you instantly when it is unsafe for your pet.


Temperature + Humidity Monitor

Rise or drop! No ambient changes are
escaped from your monitor.


Real-time alerts

Don't Be Alarmed! Get instant alerts that
nudge you to make a swift move.


Multi-Channel Connectivity

Stay in touch with your Pet Monitor on the go
with the fastest and strongest built-in cellular connection.


GPS Tracking

Trekking or steering? Track your locations
wherever you go.


Safeguard with Geofence

Protect your RV/Car one step ahead with the
virtual fence.


No.of Risk incidents Averted 


Pets are saved from potential risks.

Unleash peace of mind with futuristic pet monitor

How it Works?

Waggle Pet Temperature Monitor works via built-in Mobile network. It monitors temperature/humidity, power status, plus more in real-time. Instant Text and Email alerts notify you about any potentially unsafe conditions for your pet in a campervan, car or home. No WiFi needed.

1. Install the Monitor

Waggle Monitor comes with an easy to install “Peel & Stick” mounting bracket.

2. Install Waggle Pet App

Register your monitor in the app & choose a subscription that suits your travel.

3. Real-time updates & instant alerts

Your pet's ambience is monitored every second 24x7 & alerts are sent should something go wrong.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I modify or cancel my order after it's been placed?

If you need to change or cancel your order, contact our Customer Delight team at 855-983-5566 within 1 hour of placing your order. Our team will assist you promptly.

How does Temperature and Humidity alert work?

Waggle Pet Monitor will continuously monitor temperature and humidity 24/7 and send you alerts via text and email when the ambient temperature or humidity goes above or below the set threshold.

Can I cancel my subscription using the App?

Yes! You can cancel by only using the Waggle app. Go to the app, tap on "More," go to "Pet Protection," and scroll down to find the option to cancel your subscription. Your cancellation request will be processed within 24 - 48 hours.

What is the refund policy for Waggle Pet Monitor?

Please email us at or call 855-983-5566 and get RMA (Return Material Authorization) before shipping the unit back. To know more please check Refund policy .