Alaska Road Trip This Summer: The Ultimate Guide to RVing with Pets

Rving with pets to Alaska this summer

Planning a summer RV trip to Alaska with your furry friends can be an exciting yet daunting endeavor. Alaska's vast landscapes offer endless opportunities for adventure, making it a perfect destination for pet owners who love to explore the great outdoors with their companions. Here’s your comprehensive guide to ensuring a safe and enjoyable journey for everyone involved.

Preparation Before the Trip

Health and Safety Considerations:

  • Veterinary Check-up: Schedule a visit to ensure your pet is healthy for travel. Vaccinations should be up to date, and you might want to discuss motion sickness solutions if your pet has not traveled extensively.
  • Identification: A microchip and a collar with up-to-date contact information are crucial for the safety of your pet in the remote expanses of Alaska.

Packing the Essentials:

  • Food and Water: Pack enough of your pet’s regular food for the entire trip to avoid dietary upset. Include portable water containers and perhaps a water filtration system if you plan to refill from natural sources.
  • Safety and Comfort: A secure harness, a pet seatbelt, and a travel crate can ensure safety during transit. Don’t forget their favorite blanket or toy to provide comfort in a new environment.
  • Emergency Kit: Prepare a pet first aid kit including items like bandages, tick removal tools, and contact details for veterinarians in the areas you'll be visiting.

On the Road

Travel Tips for Comfort:

  • Acclimation: Before your departure, take several shorter trips to help your pet get used to the RV environment.
  • Anxiety and Motion Sickness: Natural calming supplements or prescribed medications can help manage these issues. Provide a quiet, well-ventilated space for them to travel comfortably.
  • Regular Stops: Frequent breaks are essential for stretching, exercise, and bathroom needs. Use a leash at all times during these stops to maintain control in unfamiliar surroundings.

Using Technology for Safety

  • Pet Temperature Monitor: Since traveling in the summer months can expose your pet to high temperatures, use a pet temperature monitor in your RV. This device will help you ensure that the environment inside the RV remains safe and comfortable for your pet, providing real-time updates that can alert you to potential dangers.

Exploring Alaska

  • Follow Local Rules: Adhere to local wildlife and leash laws. Keep your pet secured in wild areas.
  • Adventure Safely: Engage in pet-friendly activities like hiking on approved trails and boating with a pet life jacket.
  • Alaska's Pet Import Requirements: Before you travel, make sure you are aware of the specific entry requirements for pets. Learn more about the requirements for bringing pets into Alaska.

Outdoor Adventures:

  • Hiking and Exploring: Take advantage of Alaska’s stunning, pet-friendly hiking trails. Ensure your pet is physically capable of handling the activity, especially in rugged terrains.
  • Boating and Fishing: Many regions allow dogs on boats, which can be a great way to explore Alaska’s waterways. Ensure your pet wears a life jacket when near or on the water.

Setting Up Camp

Campsite Safety:

  • Choose the Right Spot: Opt for campsites that are known to be pet-friendly with adequate space and amenities.
  • Secure Your Pet: Even in a seemingly secure campsite, unexpected wildlife encounters can occur, so keep your pet secured or supervised at all times.


With the right preparation and precautions, RVing with pets to Alaska can be a thrilling and rewarding experience. Enjoy the vast beauty of Alaska’s wilderness alongside your best friend this summer! This comprehensive guide covers everything from preparing for the trip and what to pack to traveling safely and exploring the great outdoors with your pet. For more detailed information about traveling to Alaska by RV with pets, check out our full blog post.