14 Essential Gear Items for RVing With Pet

14 Essential Gear Items for RVing With Pet


Investing in the right RV gear for pets makes traveling more convenient for both you and your furry companion. This post rounds up all the essential gear you need to make an RV trip with pets a safe, smooth, and tail-wagging experience.

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RV Pet Temperature Monitoring Device

Leaving your four-footed friend in your RV unattended can be dangerous. Risks range from overheating and dehydration to hypothermia in cold conditions. With an RV temperature monitoring device like Waggle, you can relax knowing your pet is safe and comfortable when you go sightseeing, shopping, or to a place that doesn’t allow pets.

Waggle is an invaluable device that tirelessly tracks the temperature and humidity levels in your camper in real time and instantly alerts you of any potential risks via text, email, and the Waggle app.


Mini Wi-Fi Pet Camera

A device like the Waggle Mini 1080P IP WiFi Camera is another great piece of gear for RV camping with dogs. This futuristic device allows RV owners to monitor their pets remotely through a smartphone app or web interface. It features a two-way audio and high-definition live video streaming, allowing you to see, hear, and interact with your beloved pup in real-time.

Even more impressive, it has advanced functions like night vision, motion detection, and 360 Panorama view angles. When you are away for an extended period, this gadget will enable you to check how your furry friend is doing, easily pick up signs of distress, and provide comfort and reassurance.


Leash and Harness

When walking your four-legged companion around the campground or on hiking trails, a leash provides essential control, preventing your playful best friend from wandering into other people’s campsites or potentially hazardous situations such as rough terrain or encounters with wildlife.

Pair the leash with a harness that fits comfortably, snugly, and securely. In addition, get a small luggage tag with your campsite location, name, cell phone, and home phone number.



While on the road, it’s important you secure your dog to avoid distractions that could lead to accidents. In the event of a sudden stop or collision, a crate ensures your pup remains safely restrained and prevents it from becoming a projectile that could harm themselves or others.

Get a spacious dog crate and make sure it’s anchored in place to prevent it from moving around when stopping or accelerating. There are even crates that fold down to save space once you reach the campsite.


Seat Belt Harness

If your dog displays signs of anxiety when in a crate, go for a seat belt harness. It typically consists of a harness that fits around your dog's body and attaches to a seat belt anchor point using a tether or strap. It gives the dog the freedom to stand or lie but not move about the vehicle, while keeping you two close together.


Pet Console Car Seat

This is a specialized pet seat that sits on the console between the two front seats. It allows your furry co-pilot to feel calmer when riding close to you. These seats often come with straps or a leash to keep your pet in place and prevent it from wandering around the vehicle.

Check out the Waggle portable pet nonslip car seat. Perfect for small dogs and cats, it fits snugly between the front seats and has an in-built, adjustable seat belt to keep your fur baby safe and secure. Further, it’s padded, and its elevated position gives your playful companion a better view out of the windows, allowing them to enjoy the scenery and reducing anxiety or motion sickness. 


Camping Dog Fence

Another essential dog camping gear is a portable dog playpen. This enclosure is usually staked to the ground, providing a nice secure space where Fido can see you and enjoy the outdoors without being tied. The fence size will depend on your dog’s breed and number of pets.


Aerial Dog Tie-Out Trolley System

Also called a zipline tie-out, this dog restraint system gives your sidekick freedom to safely roam around your campsite while preventing tangling or twisting. It typically consists of a cable that is hung between two anchor points, such as trees or sturdy posts, and a harness or leash attached to that cable. The dog can then move along the length of the zipline.


Dog First-Aid Kit

This kit contains various supplies and tools to address minor injuries or medical emergencies that may arise. Unfortunately, most store-bought pet kits are quite deficient. If you decide to build a kit, ask your vet for a list of things needed.

Some common items found in a dog first-aid kit include gauze pads, self-adhesive bandage roll, hydrogen peroxide, Benadryl, styptic powder, antibiotic ointment, scissors, a tick puller, alcohol wipes, and disposable gloves.


Dog GPS Tracker

If you plan to explore an off-leash area, add a dog GPS tracker to your pet checklist for RVing. It’s a small, lightweight device that attaches to Fido's collar and communicates with satellites to determine the dog's precise location. It will help you monitor and track the location of a lost or wandering dog in real-time.


LED Collar/Harness

This is a collar or harness equipped with built-in LED lights. Its purpose is to increase the visibility of a dog in low-light conditions or at night. The lights illuminate the collar, making your fur baby more visible to you, motorists, pedestrians, and other pet owners. It’s a must-have pet gear for RVing if you plan to go on city or backcountry night walks.


Dog Ramp

A dog ramp for RVs provides peace of mind, ensuring your furry companion avoids potential injury from stair falls when exiting the camper for playtime. It's especially beneficial for dogs with mobility issues like arthritis. Alternatively, get a folding step or adjustable pet stairs.


Dog Sunshade

A pet sunshade is another indispensable item when RV camping with a dog. This is a protective canopy designed to shield your pup from direct sunlight. It provides shade and relief from the heat. Shop for one that diverts much of the sun's rays while still allowing air to flow through.


Dog Life Jacket

Camping and water activities go hand in hand. But aqua-based pursuits also come with inherent risks. If you plan to go boating, fishing, wild swimming, canoeing, or paddle boarding, add a dog life jacket to your RVing pet gear list. Make sure the buoyancy aid is bright-colored and has handles for easy lifting and rescue.


Other Essential for RVing With Pets

Here are other important items for RV camping with your dog:


  • Favorite Toys - Fetch ball, water-retrieve toy, natural long-lasting dog chew, and a frisbee.
  • Food Items - Plenty of food your fluffy buddy is used to eating, lots of treats, water, a collapsible food bowl, and a non-spill travel water bowl.
  • Beddings - Dog bed, sleeping mat, or blanket.
  • Grooming Supplies - Pet shampoo, brush, quick-dry towels, toothbrush, wipes, and dog wash hose attachment.
  • Dog Clean-up Necessities - Poop bags, disposable gloves for picking up waste, plus dog dish soap.
  • Surface Protection Supplies - Wicking incontinence sheets or fleece throws to protect furniture, floors, carpets, and seating areas from muddy paws and claws.
  • Weather - Dog raincoat, cooling vest or bandana, dog jacket, pet-safe sunscreen, and a warm blanket for cold nights.
  • Medications - Prescription medications, flea and tick preventatives, and calming medicines.
  • Paperwork - Vet records, proof of vaccine, rabies certificate, phone numbers and directions to nearest vets, current photo, lost dog flyer, and a local dog-oriented guidebook.
  • Hiking Essentials - Paw protectors, backpack, and high-visibility vest.

 Get the Right Pet Gear for a Fur-tastic RV Adventure

Each piece of gear in this RV pet checklist plays a crucial role in maintaining Fido’s well-being on the road and at the campsite. Of course, the nice thing about having an RV is that you can buy duplicates of most pet supplies and keep them in the camper permanently.