National Puppy Day - When it is celebrated and Why?

National Puppy day

Here's National Puppy Day!

Puppies are little angels on earth, with furs instead of wings and tiny barks instead of wands that weave happiness into your life. While we should appreciate these little wonders every day, National Puppy Day is only about them!


When is National Puppy day?


National Puppy Day is celebrated on March 23rd each year in the United States. This day is dedicated to raising awareness about puppies and their needs, as well as promoting the adoption of puppies from shelters and rescues.

The exact origin of National Puppy Day is not well-documented, but it was likely created by animal advocates and enthusiasts to celebrate the joy and companionship that puppies bring to people's lives and to draw attention to the importance of responsible pet ownership. The day serves as a reminder to care for and appreciate puppies and to highlight the many puppies in shelters and rescues that are in need of loving homes.


Who created National Puppy day?


Colleen Paige, an animal behaviorist, animal welfare advocate, and Pet Lifestyle expert, initiated National Puppy Day, National Dog Day, National Cat Day, National Pet Day, National Wildlife Day, etc. That’s why our Li’l paw friends got an extra special day to love and care more. There are lots to talk about puppy habits, routines to enhance their immunity, special care for their growth, mental health, and physical well-being.


Why is National Puppy Day Celebrated?


Puppies bring so much joy and love into our lives and deserve their positive impact. Puppies are full of energy, curiosity, and playfulness, making them the perfect companions for families and individuals. They are also knowledgeable, and with proper training and socialization, they can become well-behaved and obedient pets.

Adopting a puppy can bring a sense of fulfilment and purpose and help improve mental health. Caring for a pet can help reduce stress, lower blood pressure, and increase happiness and well-being. And, when you adopt a puppy, you're not only giving that puppy a loving home, you're also freeing up space for another pet in need of a home at the shelter.

When considering adding a puppy to your family, it's important to research different breeds to find the best match for your lifestyle and personality. Other species have different energy levels, temperaments, and exercise needs, so it's essential to find a breed that fits your lifestyle.


Ways to celebrate National Puppy Day?


Whether you are a proud puppy parent or just a dog lover, there are several ways to celebrate National Puppy Day. Here are some of the most popular and fun ways to celebrate this special occasion:

#1 Adopt a Puppy: If you have been thinking of adding a furry companion to your family, National Puppy Day is perfect. Consider adopting a puppy from a local shelter or rescue organization. Not only will you provide a loving home to a pup in need, but you will also be spreading awareness about the importance of adoption.


#2 Treat your Puppy: Show your love and appreciation for your furry friend by treating them to special goodies. Buy them a new toy, a cozy bed, or their favorite treats. You can also schedule a spa day for your puppy and give them a relaxing massage, a bubble bath, or a nail trim.


#3 Host a Puppy Party: Invite your friends and their puppies for a fun-filled day of play and socializing. You can set up obstacle courses, organize a puppy parade, or host a talent show. Remember to provide plenty of treats, toys, and water for all the pups in attendance.


#4 Volunteer at a Shelter: If you cannot adopt a puppy, consider volunteering at a local animal shelter or rescue organization. You can help with feeding, walking, or playing with the puppies. This is a great way to give back to your community and positively impact the lives of furry friends in need.


#5 Share your Love: Share your love for puppies by posting pictures and videos of your furry friend on social media. Use the hashtag #NationalPuppyDay to spread the word and show your support for this special day. You can also share cute puppy memes, inspirational quotes, or adoption stories to help raise awareness about the importance of responsible pet ownership.


#6 Make a Donation: If you would like to support needy puppies, consider donating to a local animal shelter or rescue organization. Your donation can help provide food, medical care, and other essential needs for puppies in need.


Celebrate with Waggle!


This National Puppy Day, take time off to train your pup, play with them, foster a snuggle bug, or even hire a therapy puppy to celebrate this lovely day. Your pup does not request a fancy life from you. All it needs are simple pleasures you can give them by being present. Because they may be a part of your life, but you are their whole life.

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Happy National Puppy Day!