How to Stop Dogs Licking Their Wound?

stop dogs from licking wounds

Effective Techniques To Stop Dog Licking Wounds

When treating a wound on your dog, one of the most frustrating things is that they always want to lick it. This makes it hard to put gel or cream on the wound and makes it take longer to heal. So is it okay for dogs to lick their wounds?


 Do Dogs Saliva have Healing Properties?

One of the main reasons why dogs lick their wounds is to make them feel better. When you lick a wound, you overstimulate the brain, which can make the pain go away for a while. Dog saliva inhibits bacterial growth. 

Since dogs don’t have hands, they utilize their mouths to heal. Dogs also lick their wounds to clean them and get rid of dirt and germs. We’ve put together a list of a few different ways to stop your dog from licking its wounds. We hope this will help those of you who have found this frustrating.


How to stop dog licking wound


Elizabethan collar

Bandages should always be covered so they don’t get wet when you’re out. Waterproof covers should be taken off when you get home so wounds can breathe. In the past, a cone-shaped “Elizabethan collar” was used to protect wounds. But at first, these can be scary for pets, especially a big dog running around in an Elizabethan collar. They can damage the house and hurt the owner’s shins.

They are often used to keep wounds from getting hurt or bandages from falling off. The newer versions that you can see through are the best.

The collar has to be long enough so that when it’s on the neck, the edge is just above the tip of the nose. Some animals do better with soft ones. You can turn them around and use the wide end to cover a wound on the body.


Inflatable collar

Another option is an inflatable collar like a life belt. You can find and buy one online. Make sure the measurements fit close to the animal’s neck. This will make it hard for the animal to turn and lick. Some materials are easy to tear. Long-nosed dogs like greyhounds, Dobermans, and dachshunds are challenging to teach.

Non-inflatable collars may also be used, but they don’t limit the animals’ movement. They can be used in other ways to keep people safe.


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Bandages or boots

Bandages or boots may be used, and a “body tube” can be constructed from leggings or a T-shirt. There are many kinds of boots you can buy. Some have laces, while others are like balloons that stretch and fit over the paw.

Also, gaffer tape may be used to protect the bandages from the elements. It’s easier to remove cleanly than duct tape, but you should never put it directly on fur or skin. You may apply surgical tape straight to hair or skin, and soaking it in surgical spirit makes it simple to remove.

No matter how you protect wounds, you should always check to see if it’s working. Protect your pet whether you’re away or asleep. Talk to your vet if your pet keeps going back to wounds over and over again. There is a chance your pet is in discomfort if he does this. Licking their wounds can hurt dogs in many ways, so it’s important to know how to stop them from doing it.


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