Are you a responsible pet owner?

responsible pet owner

How to be a responsible pet owner? 

We all love our furry companions. We feed them well, care for them, fulfill their needs, and take them to the vet for regular check-ups. What else could we do? 

Everything mentioned above is a ‘must do,’ but there is more to the list. Let’s see some of the ways to become a perfect pet parent. 



#1 A pet-proofed home is a sweet home

Before bringing a pet to your home, make sure you pet-proof it. We, humans, have no idea of the hidden dangers that are present inside our own homes. A table’s edge, broken toys, and even indoor plants could be lethal to dogs. Dogs’ curiosity knows no bounds and they tend to explore a lot. Our duty as pet parents is to get rid of the harmful substances lying around or keep them out of reach from your pets before bringing them to your family. 

Do a little research on household products, the best food for your pets, and other everyday objects, and change to what’s best for your pets’ well-being. 

#2 Do the basic research

Do some research on the type of breed you are adopting. Study how to take good care of them, their food, and whether you could afford them. Adopting a pet is not just having a pet; it’s like adding a new member to your family. Give them your attention, affection, and a lot of care to become a responsible pet owners.

#3 Make Vet visits a must

Take your lovely puppy at least twice a year to the vet to get them checked up. A visit to the vet can give you an overall idea of your pet’s health, providing the proper diet, exercise, and more apart from treating them. This is the perfect opportunity if the visit is pending for a while. 

#4 Go for Waggle!

Dogs are big drama queens who constantly require our attention. They will experience loneliness and frustration when their owners are not around. 

To save the fur kids from depression, WaggleCam provides a perfect solution. You canstay connected with your pet anytime you want.

Also, make sure to protect them from temperature hassles like heatstroke. Monitor their ambient temperature changes using Waggle Pet Monitor. Get instant alerts if the temperature goes unsafe for the pet.


#5 Respect their feelings

Pets feel emotions, too, sometimes more than humans. It is important to remember that they feel sad, hungry, happy, and a few hundred other emotions. They are a lifetime commitment and responsibility, not a toy or accessories you can discard if bored.

This blog post reminds you of your responsibilities as a pet parent. Countless animals get hurt in their homes daily due to a lack of awareness, which needs to be stopped. Make sure to practice responsible pet parenting and help spread awareness by sharing this article. Cheers!