Be prepared: Managing Veterinary Emergencies While RVing with Pets

Managing Veterinary Emergencies While RVing with Pets

Whether you live in your RV full time, take your camper out on weekends and vacations, or are on a road trip in a car, the road can be the ultimate playground for your pets. But, with great exploration comes the potential for unexpected twists, including veterinary emergencies. Here are some key tips for being prepared for anything when you’re RVing with pets:

Paper Trails: The Power of Documentation

Sure, technology makes it easier to access your pet’s records, but when it comes to veterinary emergencies, paper reigns supreme. Pack those trust paper copies of your pet’s medical history, especially in places where you might not have power or internet access. Veterinary emergencies can come uninvited, and being prepared is crucial.

Paper Copies of Important Information

We recommend organizing your veterinary information in a folder or binder. This should be stored in your RV or camper for easy access during emergencies. Here's what to include:

  • Vaccination records or test results
  • Medication names, dosage amounts, and instructions
  • Most recent checkup report, including heartworm test and fecal results
  • Microchip information
  • Information on all chronic or re-occurring issues
  • Your dog’s allergies
  • Your veterinarian’s contact information
  • Your emergency contacts
  • Recent photos of your dog
  • Pet insurance plan information

Including your dog’s microchip information, recent photos, and your own emergency contacts ensures that you also have information needed if your pet were to be lost or stolen while traveling or camping.

Mobile Marvels: Tech to the Rescue

In a world where apps rule, why should pet care be any different? From digital records to appointment scheduling, mobile applications are the superheroes of modern pet parenthood. Don't have a vet app? No problemo! Snap those records and stash 'em in the cloud (Dropbox, Google Drive, iCloud, or OneDrive will do) for easy access wherever the road takes you.

On the Hunt: Emergency Vet Edition

Picture this: you're in the middle of nowhere, and your pet starts feeling under the weather. Who ya gonna call? Emergency vet, to the rescue! But wait, how do you find one? Plan ahead by writing down contact information for veterinary clinics at your destination and along your route. Include this information in your pet care folder so everything is in one place. This can be especially useful if camping without a cellular signal or power.

Resources for Finding Emergency Veterinary Clinics:

  • American Red Cross Pet First Aid App: With pet first aid topics and a veterinary clinic finder, you can search your destination in advance and take screenshots if you expect weak mobile signal.
  • American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA): Use the AAHA to find accredited veterinary hospitals on your route and at your destination.
  • VCA: The VCA offers regular and emergency veterinary services in many locations, often open 24 hours a day and on holidays.
  • Yelp and Yellowbook: These are reliable sources for finding veterinary clinic information, including directions, business hours, and contact details.

Pet Insurance

Pet insurance has become increasingly common and can cover accidents, illnesses, and veterinary emergencies, which can be very expensive, especially while traveling. So, before you hit the road, consider investing in a policy that’ll have your back, and your wallet’s too, Some providers offer mobile applications for easy access to veterinary records and insurance information.

Pet First Aid Kit

Carry a basic first-aid kit for your dog when you travel together. From boo-boos to blunders, having the right tools could be the difference between a minor mishap and a major catastrophe. Useful resources for assembling your kit can be found through PetMD, the American Veterinary Medical Association, and the American Kennel Club.

With these savvy strategies in your back pocket, you're ready to hit the road with confidence, knowing you've got what it takes to handle whatever RVing with pets throws your way. So buckle up, adventurers, and may your journeys be filled with tail wags, wet kisses, and memories to last a lifetime!