11 Must-Have RV Gadgets and Gizmos

11 Must-Have RV Gadgets and Gizmos

Keeping the right gadgets and gizmos in your rig will make life on the road smoother, safer, and even more fun. But it’s hard to know what RV gadgets are necessary when you’re just getting on board with RV life.

Whether you plan on becoming a full-time RVer, weekend warrior, or occasional camper, we’ve rounded up our favorite RV gadgets and gizmos that should top your shopping list.


#1 RV-Specific GPS Unit

Designed with RVs in mind, this gadget will save you much hassle and help you avoid routes that aren’t rig-friendly. Mount it on your dashboard, and it will help you steer clear of roads with steep grades, low clearances, and tight turns.

Some even come with a built-in dash cam to record your trip. And the footage can be handy when you have an accident. You can also use the GPS to navigate off the beaten path, monitor traffic conditions, discover shorter fuel-friendly routes, and get directions to the next campground, restaurant, or rest stop.


#2 Power Surge Protector

Power surge protectors aren’t cheap, but you’ll be grateful you got one. This RV gadget will help protect your electrical equipment from improperly wired electrical boxes and power surges.

The device constantly monitors the power going into your RV, and if the voltage gets too low or there is a spike, it will act as a shield, shutting off the power. The best surge protector is an electrical management system with more sophisticated technology to protect against more electricity issues.


#3 Portable Power Station

Whether you love adventuring off-road or sticking to fully serviced campgrounds, a portable lithium power station is an item that should be at the top of your wishlist. Essentially a rechargeable battery in a box, this on-the-go generator has everything you need to power your outdoor fun activities.

It will come in handy when you need to charge your smartphones and laptops, power your RV flat-screen TV, run a fan, or illuminate your site during an outage.


#4 Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS)

Your RV tires take the brunt of the wear and tear on the vehicle. Without frequent monitoring, they can blow out, endangering you, your travel companions, and other motorists. Add a tire pressure monitoring system to your RV gadgets list to stay safe.

An adequately installed TPMS will alert you of tire problems as you drive down the road, helping you prevent tragedies. Get a modern TPMS that updates you about tire pressure, high temperature, and fast leakage.


#5 Waggle Pet Monitor

If you love road-tripping with your fur baby, a pet monitor like Waggle should be among your must-have RV gadgets and gizmos. When traveling with your pet, there are places where you may be required to leave your furry sidekick in the RV.

But even with the windows open, a parked RV can quickly become a furnace on a hot day, and overheating can kill your playful best friend. Fortunately, a pet temperature monitor alerts you when the temp and humidity inside the rig are unsafe for your pet, allowing you to take action swiftly.


#6 Coffee Maker 

For many RVers, coffee is part of a daily ritual. And a coffee maker is one of the most excellent RV accessories you can lay your hand on. So, when getting organized for your first RV trip, this isn’t something you’ll want to forget.

Picture yourself parking your rig in a picturesque meadow overlooking a serene lake, sipping hot coffee while watching the sunset and the birds fly home. Get one that takes up less real estate on your counter and doesn’t need a lot of electricity to work.


#7 Carbon Monoxide(CO2) Alarm

Protecting you and your loved ones from breathing in toxic gases should be near the top of your checklist. So, if your rig didn’t come with a carbon monoxide alarm, add it to your RV gadgets checklist. This alarm detects colorless and odorless gas leaks you may not even notice.

CO2 is a silent killer from different sources in your RV, such as the motor engine, furnace, gas range, or generator. The alarm is a life-saving device that constantly measures the amount of CO2 and sounds an alarm if a dangerous amount is detected. Just don’t forget to replace the batteries often.


#8 Cell Signal Booster

When you begin life on the road, you’ll find yourself camping or driving through areas with poor cellular reception. This can be frustrating when you must communicate with loved ones, friends, clients, or co-workers. Working remotely from your RV may also become impossible.

Fortunately, you can get a cell signal booster that amplifies weak cell signals up to 32 times to get better performance out of your phone. This makes it one of the best RV gadgets to buy in 2021. Whether stationary in an RV camping site or driving on a long stretch of road, you’ll always have a robust and reliable connection.


#9 Electronic Leveling System

To keep your rig level and stable, you’ll need an electronic leveling system, one of the RV must-haves. Just mount it to any vertical surface inside your rig, and it’ll transmit the current state of the level of your RV to an app on your smartphone. You can then use the information to create a safe, stable foundation for your camper.

Leveling your RV or trailer ensures that appliances within your rig, such as the fridge, operate correctly and prevent objects from rolling around and falling off counters. You’ll also have a flat surface to walk on and sleep on a level and more comfortable angle.


#10 Water Pressure Regulator

Purchasing a water pressure regulator for your RV is one of the smartest investments immediately after buying a new camper. Water sources at campsites and rest stops can vary.

This unpredictable water pressure can cause extensive damage to your RV’s plumbing and fixtures. A water pressure regulator is a small but valuable RV device that protects your plumbing system from excessive water pressure by creating an even water flow.


#11State Sticker Travel Map

One of the must-have fun RV accessories is the state sticker travel map. Apply it to the side of your motorhome, travel trailer, or campervan, and it will help you track where you’ve visited and where you still need to go.

Your rig will look fab and stand out in the RV parking lot. Just make sure you get one made from weather-resistant material.

Use These RV Gadgets to Make Your Trip More Fun, Safe, and Fulfilling

There are a lot of cool RV gadgets to consider when getting yourself set up and ready to hit the road. But if you’re a new RV owner, figuring out what items will make life on the road a breeze can be overwhelming.

So, before you begin your adventures, use our list as a guide when shopping for the best RV accessories.