5 Things Only Retriever Pet Parents will Understand

Golden retrievers

Any Retriever pet owner will tell you just how much they love their breed. The reasons are unlimited, but there are five essential things all Retriever pet owners will know.


Make the Best Family Pets

These dogs get along well with everyone, including kids, strangers, and other pets, which probably explains why they make an excellent family dog. They’re eager to please, and they hardly make the best watchdogs because of their happy-go-lucky nature.


However, some golden retrievers will make a nice deep, loud bark when your home is invaded or if there’s an enemy nearby. This particular breed likes to be active, whether fetching their parent’s slippers or retrieving fallen birds.


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Excellent Service Dogs

Since they respond so well to obedience training, count on them to make good service dogs. In addition, Goldens are used quite often as contraband detection dogs, thanks to their tracking and intense smelling abilities.


Golden Retrievers are also even-tempered and affectionate, enabling them to be good therapy dogs.


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Golden retrievers have a water-repellent coat.

The breed has a thick, waterproof coat that protects from cold and heat. The feathering on the neck, belly, thighs, underside, legs, and tail keeps the coat looking nice. Their beautiful water-repellent double coats also enable them to adapt to any type of environment, even if it is a city apartment.


Best ‘sporting dogs’

Retrievers make such excellent hunting dogs and withstand cold water, track wounded game, and retrieve fallen birds.

Retrievers also love swimming and will always enjoy free time in the yard, or engage in a game of fetch on the beach or in the pool. They also love caring for other four-legged family members and will even become good friends with cats.


Check on Their Health

Some health risks associated with Retrievers include some eye diseases, hypothyroidism, elbow dysplasia, and skin conditions. The dogs can also be at risk of being overweight. 


That’s why it’s more important than ever to give your Retriever plenty of exercise to maintain its large frame and muscle tone.


The Bottomline:

Naturally intelligent and affectionate, Retriever pets are apartment-friendly and make the best for the family. They’ll warmly greet anyone, including kids, strangers, and other pets, meaning you and the kids can have great hours of fun teaching them new games. Indeed, few pets can claim this breed’s versatility!

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