7 Funny Things Only Poodle Pet Parents Will Understand

weird things poodles do

Funny Poodles! - Things every Poodle pet parent agrees 

You develop a very personal relationship with your dog, to the point you know they need to go potty by the way they look at you when you stand up. Each breed can add its own unique twist to this special relationship. However, Poodles can be especially unique.

Here are 7 funny things that only Poodle Pet Parents will understand. 


#1 Real Commitment 

While many people choose to make their dogs a part of their family like they’re a person, poodle parents have no choice in the matter. Outside kennels or long days away are not an option for poodle owners. Poodles’ average lifespan is short and they get so attached to the owner. They love to spend time with their hooman!

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#2 Nothing Is Too Tricky 

Poodles are smart… sometimes too smart. While this can be a great excuse to train them well, it can also mean that they can become destructive or intrusive if they’re not given the proper attention and stimulation. They can be scary-good at figuring out door knobs, so if you value your bathroom privacy, it might be smart to get a round door knob instead of a handle one. 


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#3 Taste Is Everything 

Many dogs would be happy to eat pretty much anything you give them, or anything they find on the road. Not poodles. Poodles often have a very particular taste and only like special treats or food. It can take a lot of time and money to find exactly what your pet poodle will accept to eat. 


#4 Everyone Is A Potential Friend

Poodles are very social, both towards other dogs and people. This can mean a lot of affection for the neighbor’s kid or new pups at a dog park. However, once a poodle wants to be alone, they really want to be alone and will make sure everyone knows about it. 


#5 This One Is Too Cold… And This One Is Too Hot!

Poodles have a similar attitude towards the weather as they do with treats and food. It has to be just right. If it’s too hot out, they’re not going to be happy. If it’s too cold, you better not bet on a walk outside. And you better hope it’s not raining.


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#6 They’ll Add Tricks To Your Tricks

While you may have trained them well, poodles will often find a chic new way to do what you would like. Whether it’s an odd way of greeting you or adding a strange extra step to a command, don’t be surprised if they make more work for themselves.


#7 Is That A Poodle… Or A Cat?

You may find your poodle in very odd places. Maybe they like to curl up behind the couch, or under your bed. There have even been reports of poodles finding their way onto the counter, a scary thought for food safety!


Weird things Poodles do!

Poodle stands out for its elegance, intelligence, and playful nature. However, beneath their refined appearance lies a bundle of eccentricities and peculiar habits that are guaranteed to bring a smile to any dog lover's face.

Some of the peculiar antics of poodles are

  • The Art of Standing on Hind Legs
  • Excessive Spinning
  • Water Enthusiasts
  • Barking at Inanimate Objects
  • Poodle Zoomies
  • Snooty Sneezes


Poodles are great pets, and can often be the source of a lot of fun. Their love, intelligence, and strangeness can make a very entertaining pet, one that is no doubt a very close member of your family!