11 Crazy Tricks to Get Your Dog to Drink More Water

11 Crazy Tricks to Get Your Dog to Drink More Water

Proper hydration is vital for your dog's well-being, as it is fundamental in facilitating digestion, absorbing nutrients, and regulating body temperature. However, getting your pup to drink enough water can sometimes be challenging. But don't worry; we're here to help with 11 crazy yet effective tricks to get your dog to drink more water.

#1Turn it into a game: Dogs love to play! Try incorporating water into your dog's playtime. A squirt gun can be a fun way to engage and get them to drink more.

#2 Invest in a doggy drinking fountain: Some dogs are more inclined to drink running water. Doggy drinking fountains that provide constant fresh water can entice your pet.

#3 Flavor their water: Just like humans, dogs may become uninterested in the flavor of plain water. Add a splash of low-sodium chicken or beef broth to their water. Always ensure it's low in sodium and doesn't contain ingredients like onions, which can harm dogs.

#4 Ice cube treats: Dogs enjoy chewing on ice, which not only helps them cool down but also serves as a source of hydration. Try making ice cubes out of low-sodium broth to make them even more enticing

#5 Water-filled toys: Dog toys on the market are designed to hold water or liquid treats. Fill the up and let your dog have a good time licking the contents.

#6Try wet food: If your dog primarily eats dry kibble, consider switching to canned food or mixing some into their dry food. Incorporating wet food with high water content can enhance your dog's hydration levels.

#7 Create a watering schedule: Dogs thrive on routine. Try creating a program where you encourage your dog to drink at specific times during the day.

#8 Make popsicles: In the warmer months, consider making dog-friendly popsicles. Blend dog-safe fruits like blueberries or watermelon with some water and freeze in an ice cube tray.

#9 Multiple water stations: For larger homes, it is advisable to have multiple water stations, guaranteeing your dog's access to water regardless of their home location.

#10 Hand-feed water: Although it may seem unusual, certain dogs enjoy the attention of being hand-fed water. An approach to achieve this is by pouring water into your hand and letting your dog lick it to provide hydration.

#11 Regular walks: Physical activity can stimulate thirst in dogs. Regular walks and playtime encourage your dog to drink more water.

Remember, each dog is unique, and what works for one may not work for another. The important thing is to try different approaches and observe what resonates best with your dog. If you have concerns about your dog's water consumption, seeking advice from your veterinarian is highly recommended. Establishing healthy hydration habits is vital for ensuring content and healthy canine companions.