10 Easy Camping Meals & Snacks For You & Your Pet

10 Easy Camping Meals & Snacks For You & Your Pet

Camping with your dog can be a great time to bond. As you enjoy the beauty of nature,  they get to soak in the fantastic smells that they might not find in a city. However, your best friend may find they have lost their taste for kibble in an unfamiliar environment. 

There’s an easier solution than making separate camp-cooked meals for you and your pup; Cook meals you both can enjoy!

Be Careful Before You Start Cooking

While dogs are often believed to have strong stomachs, your dog may have allergies you aren’t aware of. Common signs of allergies are skin rashes and unusual itching/licking. Allergies can be triggered from grains to proteins, so be sure to get an allergy test before you change your dog’s food.

Also, make sure you don’t add seasoning while you’re cooking. Your dog shouldn’t have too much salt, and it’s common that other spices may upset their stomach. The same goes for butter; try to add it to your food after you have served your pup.

There are also plenty of human foods that dogs aren’t able to eat. Here is a short list of the most common foods to avoid giving your dog. But if you’re unsure about something, always look it up before giving it to your best friend.

  •       Onions/Garlic/Chives
  •       Chocolate
  •       Avocado
  •       Macadamia Nuts
  •       Artificial Sweetener (Xylitol)
  •       Alcohol
  •       Cooked Bones
  •       Grapes & Raisins
  •       Caffeine


Meals You Can Eat With Your Dog


1. Scrambled Eggs

While many people believe it’s safe to feed their pups raw eggs, it can be more dangerous to do so while camping. When bringing eggs to cook, make sure they are cold the whole time you are camping.

Do not add seasoning or butter to your scrambled eggs before giving them to your dog. However, some light cheese can be a tasty addition and is safe for your pup.

Materials you will need Cooler, medium pan, spatula, utensils, and a camping stove


2. Yogurt & Banana

Deceptively simple, yogurt and banana are a tasty and nutrient-rich breakfast for dogs and people. Yogurt provides a great source of probiotics and calcium for you and your best friend. The banana boosts your levels of electrolytes, potassium, and fiber. Plus, it adds some great natural sweetener.

Materials you will need Only a cooler, spoon, and a knife!

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1. Fruit Salad

Simple mix of any fruits (other than grapes)!


2. Peanut Butter & Apple

Apples with a spread of peanut butter!


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1. Chicken & Rice

Chicken and rice is a tasty and filling meal both you and your pup will enjoy. Again, remember to omit any seasoning until after you have served your dog. This can be prepared in one pot, so it makes it an even easier choice while camping. It is also versatile. The option of brown or white rice ensures that almost any sauce will be great with this.

Materials you will need Cooler, one medium-sized pot, tongs, a camping stove, and utensils.


2. Salmon, Rice, & Green Beans

Salmon is an excellent source of protein. Combining it with rice and green beans makes for a well-balanced meal for both of you. It’s best to grill your salmon separately from the rice. Feel free to also examine the green beans. Once the rice is done, add the salmon and green beans on top!

Materials you will need Cooler, medium pan and pot, tongs, camping stove, and utensils. 


3. Goulash

While this dish usually calls for spices like paprika, leave them out before serving your dog. Goulash is typically a combination of vegetables, meat, eggs, and rice placed on a low simmer over a few hours. This means it’s a straightforward recipe for camping!

Materials you will need Large pot, large spoon, chopping knife, camping stove, and utensils.


4. Beef and Spinach

A beef and spinach meal can be cooked in the same pan. Simply cook your beef all the way through with oil, and then cook your spinach to the side of the meat.

Materials you will need Cooler, large pan, sharp knife, tongs, camping stove, utensils.


5. Pasta

Pasta is always an easy meal, and it’s no different when camping! Simply bring a sauce you like (without garlic or onion) and add it once the pasta is done cooking. It can also be great to add veggies like carrots or peas!

Materials you will need Large pot, strainer, sharp knife, camping stove, utensils.


6. Steak and Potatoes

Steak and potatoes are a delicious meal anywhere, and even better when cooked over a fire. While regular potatoes are ok, sweet potatoes are even better for your dog. To prepare this meal, wrap your potatoes in tin foil and place directly into the fire. They should take about 30 minutes to cook. While they’re cooking, feel free to grill your steak on top of the fire.

Materials you will need Cooler, tin foil, large pan, sharp knife, tongs, utensils


Overview: 10 Easy Camping Meals & Snacks For You & Your Pet

Camping with your dog can be a great time to bond. Cooking with them is even better. However, make sure to avoid seasoning and certain foods when cooking for your dog. Bone Appetit!