5 Dog Grooming Tips for Summer

5 Dog Grooming Tips for Summer

When it’s hot outside, your dog could feel uneasy due to excess fur. Although shedding is your dog’s way of coping with this, you can do your part to make him more comfortable and reduce the amount of dog hair in the home. It’s not simply brushing more often when it comes to summer dog grooming. Because dogs’ health and comfort might suffer in the heat, we’ve compiled a list of five summer dog grooming tricks to help.

Do you know Dogs get Sunburns?


1. Use the Right Tools for Your Dog’s Coat

In every pet shop, you’ll find various dog brushes. Choosing the right soft bristle brush with short, sleek coats. It won’t do much for dogs with thicker skins.

Alternatively, using a soft brush and Leader Train Me goodies might help your dog accept that getting groomed is truly good. Brushes with rubber bristles are ideal for dogs afraid of being groomed and for breeds like chihuahuas or greyhounds, which have more acceptable coats.

2. Summertime Is Bath Time

Your dog is likely to spend more time outdoors in the summer. Know the safety tips to make them enjoy Summer. Swimming in canals, lakes, or streams might also be a possibility. Outdoor activities may be rather filthy, too. As a result, she will need more frequent baths. The fact that the weather is pleasant does not mean that you may just spray her down with the garden hose outdoors, even if it is.

You don’t see temperatures like these every day! Some dogs would adore it and have a blast, while others would be terrified. 

Don’t let your pet spend too much time outdoors. There are plenty of chances that they might get a Heatstroke Attack.

3. Get the Proper Cut for Your Dog’s Breed

Your dog’s breed should be taken into consideration when choosing a hairstyle. They have a traditional, almost iconic hairstyle that is a trademark of several dog breeds, like the Poodle and the Scottish Terrier.

It is possible to trace some of these cuts back to the breed’s original function. Poodles used to be retrievers before they were bred for their current use. It all removed excess hair to move freely while wet, but certain areas were left untouched to shield them from the chilly water.


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4. Check and protect against parasites

Check your dog thoroughly for fleas and ticks while he is being groomed. Look for any unusual lumps on his legs or tummy that indicate a tick. Using a fine-toothed comb, search your pet for fleas. Fleas might be found in your dog’s hair.

Prevention is always preferable to treatment. A tick-infested dog is more likely to be found in tall grass.


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5. Summer Ear Care

Dogs with droopy ears may need additional care in summer to keep their ears healthy. Fungal diseases flourish in moist, warm environments, which those cute floppy ears promote. Take a careful check at your dog’s ears while grooming. Talk to your veterinarian about the best ways to keep your dog’s ears healthy.

Long hair should be brushed out of the way, especially around the ears. Swab the ear canal with ear cleaner regularly. If your dog has been wet, take care to dry her ears thoroughly before putting her back outside. If your dog’s vet says it has to have the hair in its ears purged, go ahead and do it.

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