11 Cool Ways to Include Your Dog on Your Big Day

11 Cool Ways to Include Your Dog on Your Big Day

Woof! It's your BIG DAY! Include your lovable pup in these amazing ways

The wedding bells are ringing, the champagne is bubbling, and while everyone is absorbed in the wedding excitement, there's a tail-wagging in the corner, hoping to be part of the festivities. For many of us, dogs are not just pets; they're family. So, the thought of not including them in one of the most important events of our lives seems inconceivable. If you're nodding in agreement, this one's for you.

  1. Pre-wedding Photo Shoots with Furry Pizzazz:

Photographs capture moments that become memories. Imagine flipping through your wedding album years later and seeing your beloved pet there, being an undeniable part of your joy. Incorporate them into your pre-wedding photo shoots, either as the star or in candid moments, sharing your joy.

  1. Pet-themed Wedding Invitations:

Let your invitees know right from the start that this is a pet-friendly wedding by featuring your dog prominently on the invitations. A cute paw print or an adorable photo can set the tone.

  1. Infuse the Dog Theme throughout the Décor:

Feature your dog's photos or illustrations on placeholders, choir books, or even the menu. A dog-themed wedding doesn't have to be overtly so; subtle nods to your canine companion can be both elegant and heartwarming.

  1. Thoughtful Gifts for Fellow Pet Lovers:

Sending home a little treat or toy for your guests' pets is a gesture that will undoubtedly be appreciated. It's a unique and thoughtful way to say thanks, from one pet lover to another.

  1. A "Puptastic" Proposal:

Imagine your partner's surprise when your dog approaches with a "Will you marry me?" sign around its neck. The combination of a heartwarming proposal and those irresistible puppy eyes is a win-win.

  1. Doggy Escort Service:

Let your dog guide guests to their seats or be the welcoming committee. Not only will this be entertaining, but it'll also make the entrance more memorable for your guests.

  1. Flower Dog on Duty:

Move over flower girls; here comes the flower dog! Deck your dog in a floral collar or a little basket of flowers and let them pave your path with petals.

  1. Adorable Dog Invitations:

Consider having a special mini-invite or a video starring your dog, playfully inviting guests to your wedding. A bark-tastic invite is bound to get RSVPs rolling!

  1. Ring-bearing Canine:

Entrusting your dog with the important task of being the ring bearer can be both symbolic and delightful. Make sure to have a faux ring on display, though, to avoid any unforeseen mishaps.

  1. Pawfect Wedding Vows:

Including your pet in your vows can be deeply moving. A promise to love and care for each other, and your shared pet, can be a testament to your commitment to your new family.

  1. Tail-wagging Cake Toppers:

A wedding cake is often a centerpiece of the event. Personalize yours with a cake topper that represents not just the couple but also your furry family member. It's a sweet touch that signifies unity.

Safety First:

While the excitement of including your pet in your wedding is palpable, their safety and well-being should be paramount. Ensure that foods, decorations, and flowers are non-toxic. If you're having a destination wedding, ensure their travel arrangements are safe and comfortable.

That's a wrap!

Dogs have an innate ability to make everything better with their presence. By integrating them into your wedding, you're not only creating joy for yourselves but also sharing that warmth and happiness with your guests. With these suggestions, you can seamlessly and memorably include your beloved dog in your wedding festivities.