California RV Road Trip: Dreamin' from the Redwoods to San Diego

california rv road trip


Embark on a spectacular California RV road trip that captures the diverse beauty of the Golden State, from the majestic Redwoods in the north to the sunny shores of San Diego in the south. This journey offers the perfect blend of awe-inspiring nature, rich history, and vibrant cityscapes, ideal for adventurers and families alike. Traverse this iconic route with comfort, and ensure your furry friends are safe and content with smart travel gadgets like pet temperature monitors.

Best Time to Visit

The optimal times for an RV road trip across California are during the spring (March to May) and fall (September to November). These seasons boast mild weather, fewer crowds, and beautiful natural scenery, making them perfect for exploring both the great outdoors and lively urban centers.

Route Plan

Day 1-3: Starting in the Redwoods Begin your journey at Redwood National and State Parks, where the towering ancient trees reach skyward, creating a serene and almost surreal landscape. Hike trails like the Tall Trees Grove Loop, which leads to some of the tallest trees on earth. The park's cool, misty climate is a refreshing escape from the city. Stay at Jedediah Smith Redwoods State Park, which offers RV sites nestled within the forest, providing direct access to scenic river spots and numerous trailheads.

Day 4-6: Napa Valley Travel south to Napa Valley, California’s renowned wine country. Enjoy guided tours and tastings at prestigious wineries such as Stags' Leap Winery and Opus One. The region’s rolling vineyards and quaint towns offer a picturesque backdrop for leisurely drives. Napa Valley Expo RV Park is conveniently located, offering easy access to local farmers' markets and gourmet dining experiences, perfect for stocking up on fresh, local produce and fine wines.

Day 7-9: San Francisco Next, explore San Francisco's vibrant streets. Visit iconic landmarks like the Golden Gate Bridge and Alcatraz Island, and stroll through bustling neighborhoods such as Chinatown and the Mission District, known for their unique cultural experiences and culinary delights. Candlestick RV Park is strategically located, providing a comfortable base with excellent transit connections to the city's top attractions.

Day 10-12: Big Sur and Central Coast Continue your journey along the Pacific Coast Highway to Big Sur, a stunning stretch known for its rugged coastline and panoramic ocean views. Stop at key vistas like Bixby Creek Bridge and spend a day exploring Julia Pfeiffer Burns State Park, where trails offer views of an 80-foot waterfall that drops directly into the ocean. The nearby Big Sur Campground and Cabins offer cozy accommodations right in the heart of this natural paradise.

Day 13-15: Los Angeles Arrive in Los Angeles and immerse yourself in the city's dynamic atmosphere. Visit the Hollywood Walk of Fame, explore the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, or relax on the iconic beaches of Malibu and Santa Monica. Dockweiler RV Park provides beachfront RV sites where you can enjoy stunning sunsets and the relaxing sound of ocean waves.

Day 16-18: San Diego Conclude your trip in San Diego, a city renowned for its beautiful beaches, lush parks, and family-friendly attractions like the world-famous San Diego Zoo and SeaWorld. Explore the historic Gaslamp Quarter, or take a day to relax on the beaches of Coronado. Mission Bay RV Resort offers superb facilities and proximity to both downtown and the beaches, making it an ideal spot to enjoy the final days of your journey.


From serene forests and lush vineyards to bustling cities and tranquil beaches, a California RV road trip offers an unforgettable blend of experiences. With the freedom of your RV, explore these iconic destinations at your own pace, making lasting memories along the way.