1. Install the Monitor

Waggle Monitor comes with an easy to install “Peel & Stick” mounting bracket.

2. Install Waggle Pet App

Register your monitor in the app & choose a subscription that suits your travel.

3. Real-time Monitoring & Instant Alerts

Rest assured that your pet's ambiance is monitored without missing a second and sends instant alerts to prevent potential risks

How does Waggle protect your pets?

Waggle's robust sensor tirelessly monitors the ambient temperature, humidity, and power status around the clock.It instantly triggers Text/Email alerts at the slightest hint of danger, ensuring your pet is out of harm's way.Elevate Pet Protection to New Heights and embrace unparalleled peace of mind with Waggle.

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RVing without a Pet Monitor

  • close Constantly worried about pet comfort & Safety
  • close No idea how hot or cold your pet feels inside your RV
  • close Do not know if your RV lost power when you're away
  • close Catches you unaware when a risk incident happens

RVing with a Pet Monitor

  • tick RV Temp/Humidity updates on your Phone
  • tick Periodic check-ins every 15 minutes
  • tick Instantly alerts in seconds when your pet is in danger
  • tick Alerts you instantly if the RV loses power
  • tick Get alerts when your RV/Car moves out of the virtual zone
  • tick Friends/Family alerted when your pet is in danger

Pet Monitor Specs

App Subscription

Waggle Pet Safety: $0.6/day

Peace of mind: Priceless

RVing with Pets should leave you happy & soaring, and not heavy on your pocket! We've covered you with the Waggle Pet monitor with low-cost subscription plans.


Money Back Guarantee

Waggle Pet Monitor comes with a 21-days refund policy and 1-year warranty.