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Ditch the risk

Waggle takes the worry out of RVing

Receive real-time RV temperature and humidity updates on your phone

Breathe Better! Air Quality Sensor for Pet Safety.

Get alerted in seconds when your pet is in danger

Get instant alerts if your RV loses power

Get notified when your RV exits a defined virtual zone

Keep friends and family informed with instant alerts when your pet is at risk

Just 3 easy steps to

Peace of Mind

Mount the Monitor

Install Waggle Pet App

Get Real-Time Monitoring

Waggle’s “Peel & Stick” mounting bracket is easy to install.

Register your monitor in the app and choose the subscription that fits your lifestyle.

Your pet's environment is monitored every second, and real-time alerts in temperature keep you informed of potential risks.

Too HOT or COLD?

Waggle’s got a nose for keeping your pet safe. 

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Waggle Subscriptions
Tailored to Your Travels

RVing with your pets should be fun and easy, on your mind and your wallet.


Waggle Pet Safety


Peace of mind

Designed with pets in mind

Dig into Waggle’s Tech

Features Lite+ Pro+ Pro + Air
Digital Display available-check available-check available-check
Real-Time Temperature Alert available-check available-check available-check
RV Power Loss Alert available-check available-check available-check
Power Recovery Alert available-check available-check available-check
Humidity and Heat Index available-check available-check available-check
Rechargeable Battery available-check available-check available-check
GPS Tracking not-available-check available-check available-check
Geofencing Alert not-available-check available-check available-check
Air Quality Index Sensor not-available-check not-available-check available-check
TVOC Sensor not-available-check not-available-check available-check
Elevated CO2 Sensor not-available-check not-available-check available-check

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I modify or cancel my order after it's been placed?

If you need to change or cancel your order, contact our Customer Delight team at 855-983-5566 within 1 hour of placing your order. Our team will assist you promptly.

How does Temperature and Humidity alert work?

Waggle Pet Monitor will continuously monitor temperature and humidity 24/7 and send you alerts via text and email when the ambient temperature or humidity goes above or below the set threshold.

Can I cancel my subscription using the App?

Yes! You can cancel by only using the Waggle app. Go to the app, tap on "More," go to "Pet Protection," and scroll down to find the option to cancel your subscription. Your cancellation request will be processed within 24 - 48 hours.

What is the refund policy for Waggle Pet Monitor?

Please email us at or call 855-983-5566 and get RMA (Return Material Authorization) before shipping the unit back. To know more please check Refund policy .