Dogs That Look Like German Shepherds

Dogs That Look Like German Shepherds

When you picture a German Shepherd (GSD), you probably think of a strong, intelligent dog with a distinctive black and tan coat. Known for its loyalty, versatility, and capabilities as a working dog, the German Shepherd is one of the world's most recognized breeds.

 But sometimes, you might see a dog that looks like a German Shepherd, but upon a closer look or a peek at its pedigree, you realize it's not.

 In this blog post, we will explore dog breeds that bear a striking resemblance to German Shepherds and delve into what sets each one apart.

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#1 Belgian Malinois

Resemblance: The Belgian Malinois closely resembles the German Shepherd in size and coloration. They have a similar face structure and body type.

 Differences: Malinois are usually lighter in build, have a shorter coat, and their colors might be richer with a more reddish hue. They are extremely energetic and, in some cases, can be even more intense than GSDs.

#2 Belgian Tervuren

Resemblance: Another member of the Belgian Shepherd family, the Tervuren, has a similar body shape as the GSD. 

Differences: The Tervuren has a thick, long coat which is often mahogany with a black mask and ears. They can sometimes appear more "refined" in appearance compared to the GSD.

#3 Shiloh Shepherd

Resemblance: Shiloh Shepherds were actually developed from the German Shepherd breed, so the resemblance is quite close. Differences: Shilohs are often larger and have a more wolf-like appearance. Their temperaments are also calibrated to be gentler and more suited for family living without the high-drive often seen in GSDs.

#4 Bohemian Shepherd

Resemblance: This breed, also known as the Chodsky Pes, closely resembles the German Shepherd in body shape and color. Differences: They are typically smaller than GSDs and have a medium-long, dense coat. Their temperament is typically calm and they are known for being excellent with children.

#5 Dutch Shepherd

Resemblance: Dutch Shepherds share a similar body structure with the GSD. Differences: Their coat can be short, long, or rough and usually comes in brindle patterns, which are not typical for German Shepherds. They're known to be obedient and trainable, but a bit more independent than GSDs.

#6 East-European Shepherd

Resemblance: This breed was developed from the German Shepherd to adapt to the colder climates of Russia. 

Differences: They are generally larger and have a thicker coat compared to the GSD. They also may have a more wolf-like appearance.

#7 King Shepherd

Resemblance: Yet another breed developed from the GSD, they bear a striking resemblance. 

Differences: The King Shepherd is larger and heavier. They have a luxurious coat which can be long or plush. While they retain many of the guarding instincts of the GSD, they are also known for their calm disposition.

Key Takeaways

While many of these breeds may look similar to the German Shepherd at first glance, each has its own unique set of traits, history, and temperament. 

If you're considering adopting or purchasing a dog and are drawn to the look of the German Shepherd, it might be worth researching these breeds further to determine which one might be the best fit for your lifestyle and preferences. 

Remember, while appearance is a factor, the temperament, energy level, and care needs of a breed are crucial considerations when adding a new four-legged member to your family.