Dog Deodorants: Make your Pet smell Fresh

Dog Deodorants: Make your Pet smell Fresh

We spend a considerable amount of time and energy maintaining the hygiene of our dogs so that they don’t catch any infection, remain healthy, and stay safe at all times. Only dog parents know what they go through to maintain this hygiene.

A lot of attention is paid to each step of hygiene, be it bathing, combing, brushing, nail cutting, etc. However, irrespective of the number of hours you put into their cleaning, there will be some days when your dog smells bad.

The reasons behind this smell can be many; it might be because of pollution, dirt or dust that sticks in their fur, or even due to the moisture in the environment. Thus, if there is a special day like when you and your dog are stepping out for a day or going to a friend’s place or whatever the occasion might be and you want your dog to smell good for their own sake, you can definitely use some dog deodorants.

Today, we have so many products in the market that are safe to use, don’t irritate the skin in any manner, and do not cause any rash or other skin allergies as well. However, if you do not want to use any artificial products, you can make something yourself.

Now before getting into that, it is first important to understand how to deodorize your dog. The steps for the same are enumerated below:



The first step would be to brush your dog thoroughly with a good brush that doesn’t irritate them. This will help you get rid of all the dead hair that may get tangled if not removed. Moreover, this step also leads to the removal of the dust particles that might be the reason behind the bad smell.


Clean Ears

This is another very important step. You need to clean all the ear wax in your dog’s ears if there is a lot of wax stuck in the ears, that might be another reason behind the bad odor. This will also keep the ear infections at bay.


De – Skunk Solutions

You need to incorporate using a de-skunking solution into your dog’s health schedule. This will help you neutralize all the bad odors. For this, you will have to mix ¼ of 3% hydrogen peroxide, and ¼ cup of baking soda along with a teaspoon of your favorite dog shampoo. Mix it well and then pour the solution all over the fur of your dog. After 2-3 minutes, rinse the fur of your dog thoroughly.


In-between bathing solution

You might not make your dog bathe every other day and due to the weather, it might lead to some bad odor. Thus, you can use this homemade solution that will help you get rid of the bad smell and keep your dog fresh. For this, you want to mix a part of water, one part of antibacterial mouthwash, and one part of lanolin hand cream and mix the solution well. Pour this solution into a spraying bottle and you can spray it on the coat of your dog.


Benefits of using Pet deodorants

Deodorants act like a wonder to keep the dog fresh and active amidst the hectic schedule which might not allow you to invest a lot of time to maintain their fragrance. This is because you will just have to spray the deodorant and your dog will be good to go. By now, being dog parents, we all are aware of how dogs have a tendency to get dirty. This is why they mostly smell bad too. This will not only spoil their mood and energy but the surroundings of your house as well. Thus, it is highly recommended to use dog deodorants to overcome such situations.

Dogs are generally known as stress busters for their parents. However, if they don’t smell nice, they will be annoyed just as much as you will be. Therefore, it is suggested that you use dog deodorants to keep them fresh and active. This will also be a stress buster for you as you will be able to play and have fun together.


Dog Deodorants in the Market


Captain Zack

For grooming and self-care products, Captain Zack is considered to be one of the best in the market. This perfume has the fragrance of fresh fruits which will make your dog smell incredibly great instantly. This product is alcohol-free and thus, is not very harsh on the body of the dog.


Boltz Dog and Cat Body Spray


As the name suggests, this spray can be used both on dogs and cats. This makes the coat of your pet soft and leaves a shiny after-effect as well. There are no artificial chemicals or toxins in this spray and hence, there is no chance of any discomfort after using this spray.


Petveda Ayurvedic Fetching Deodorant Spray


It is one of those brands which people believe in with all their hearts. This spray in particular has extracts of fresh lavender and some other essential oils. This will help in keeping the coat of your dog fresh and bad odor free. This is free from any sulfates, or parabens.


Final Thoughts

Dogs do require a lot of time and effort to keep them clean and fresh. You might think of this as an added responsibility but it is all worth it. Once you make the solution, all you have to do is just pour the solution and then wash your dog.