Can Dogs Swim in Saltwater?

Can Dogs Swim in Saltwater?

There’s nothing more fun for you and your pup than a long day at the beach. Most dogs love to splash around in the salty waves. However, you may be wondering if this is actually good for them. While saltwater has proven great for human hair and skin, is it safe for your dog too? 


Is swimming in salt water good for dogs?

Yes, saltwater is safe for your dog to swim in. However, you still need to take precautions, depending on your dog’s coat and skin. Saltwater provides a lot of minerals; however, it is also very corrosive, so it’s essential to understand how your dog might be affected by swimming at the beach. 

Don’t give your dog a bath before they go for a swim. Bathing your pup strips their fur and skin of its natural oils and thus leaves them open to more damage from saltwater. While saltwater is usually not particularly harmful, it’s still important your dog is protected.

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Should I wash my dog after swimming in the ocean?

Wash your dog after the beach with fresh water and/or soap. Your dog will likely be coated from their snout to the tip of their tale in salt, sand, and anything else they’ve been playing with. For both of your sakes, it’s important they get a bath after playing in saltwater to prevent them from smelling bad and prevent any long-term harm from too much salt on their skin.

It’s important that your dog isn’t exposed to saltwater, or freshwater, for too long. If your dog has a double coat, this is even more important because it takes them much longer to dry. If possible, use a blowdryer to help them dry off. They’ll probably enjoy a good rub down from a soft clean towel if they won’t let you.

Is it dangerous for dogs to drink salt water?

While saltwater is safe to swim in, it is NOT safe for your dog to drink. This means that while your dog is swimming, you must keep an eye on them. It’s also helpful to make sure they drink a lot of clean freshwater before you go to the beach and that there is always a supply for them while you are at the beach.

There is a risk of illness or even death if your dog drinks too much saltwater. 

Here are some symptoms your dog has drunk too much saltwater



Lack of appetite



Unstable to stand and walk properly


Diarrhea and vomiting are the most common side effects. If you notice these symptoms alone, your dog is likely dehydrated and needs a lot of clean, fresh water. However, if you notice any other symptoms, it’s best to call your vet. If your dog can not walk or has passed out, you need to go to an emergency vet right away.

To wrap up, going to the beach can be a very fun experience for you and your dog, and it can be a great way to tire them out while meeting new doggy friends. But make sure to keep in mind that they mustn’t drink any saltwater and that they get a good bath after the beach so their skin and fur stay healthy.